USA elections 2016 – Clinton VS Trump

So it looks like Hillary Clinton is going to take this race.

Considering both charts, Trump’s and Hillary’s, it seems that November 8’s sky chart has more precise aspects to Hillary’s chart. Although Trump’s critical planets are being aspected by current planets, these aspects are not positive or at least not clearly positive, while Hilarry’s planets are being aspected positively on the elections day.

here is what I mean:

Hillary’s natal chart with day of election transits:


Up is Clinton’s chart. You can see that her stelium (many planets being in a sign or a house) in Scorpio is being conjuncted on elections day, November 8, by 3 important planets: Sun, Lilith and Mercury, the ruler of her 10th house of career and status. Sun is also conjuncting her personal Chiron, which is the ruler of the chart: that gives a great boost on that day to the whole chart. Lilith is in conjunction with Mercury, 10th house ruler, meaning a manipulative influence is going to affect her career and status. That might mean a suspicion of fraud and cheating in counting the votes. Also the fact that transit Mercury conjuncts her natal Mercury is a good sign, given it is, as I said before, ruler of her 10th house.


Trump’s natal chart with day of election transits:


In Trump’s chart we can see opposition transits and isolation on the elections day, November 8th: the Sun, ruler of his natal Chart, is not aspected by any plants – not a positive sign or at least not a sign of some important event that puts him in the center. Venus, His ruler of 10th house of career and status, is getting an opposing angle from Mars, planet of aggression and resistance. Transiting Venus is opposing his natal Sun too, which means that his career is not in coherence with his personality. It might also mean an unwanted victory, a victory that comes in spite of his will – but I believe the meaning is more a tension between his wish or will and what he actually gets from the world.

Taking another look at both charts rulers and the way they are aspected on election day, it seems even more curtain that Hillary’s chart ruler, Chiron, is better aspected than Trump’s chart ruler, Sun. Also Hillary’s 10th house ruler, Mercury, is better aspected than Trump’s 10th house ruler, Venus. These two considerations are major when trying to conclude something about winning presidency, because winning based on the candidate’s personality (which is represented by chart ruler) and it affects tremendously on their career and status (which is represented by ruler of their 10th house).


    1. The first explanation would be, that she did win the people’s votes – so the stars were not wrong showing us which one is more popular. The other explanation is that what left outside this analysis was the fact that pluto, which represents the ruler of the USA, is in capricorn and that a person chosen for the presidency of the United States should fit this position of Pluto – that is, a woman can’t be the representation of this constellation.

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