My name is Ayellet, a Gemini Sun, married to a Capricorn Sun and a mom of Cancer Sun and Moon twins GBT. I’m from Israel originally, Have lived in Santa Fe, NM, US for some time and now back in Israel.  I have my graduate degree from the Hebrew University in Cultural Studies and I do both Gender projects and Astrology. The Gender part of my life is being dedicated mostly to Feminism, while the Astrology part is focusing on Kabbalic or Kabbalistic Astrology. I have more than 7 years of experience doing personal readings and forecasts.

My way of working with charts is based mostly on my astrology knowledge but also on intuition and kabbalic principles. If I draw a chart and find that I can’t relate to it energetically, I will not continue with the reading. Of course I don’t charge if  no reading was being made.

I do Astrology readings, lectures and women’s events.


Feel free to contact me via email or on my personal reading page, with requests and questions

      “Wow, Ayellet, thanks so much. Creepy how accurate it was. You helped me figuring the tangled relationship I have within me between self fulfillment and love – I had a feeling they have contradicted each other. It is quite difficult for me to accept that love in itself is my own self fulfillment but intuitively I know it is true. I know it’s an issue there… personal love is much harder for me then communicating with masses and comunities. It was very easy to relate to the analyse of all the dimensions of my personality, which I should manifest without shame (I tend to censore) and try to find a partner that will be able to accept me as I am… thank you so much! And kudos, the chart is accurate, you made me think and challanged me by your reading – I feel now a kind of confidant in trying things that are less easy for me that might be my self fullfilment.

Thank you!”

Nomi, Jerusalem

           “I have read your analysis. Some of the things are extreemly true. For some I need elaboration. I’de love to discuss more details with you. 050——–“

Sivan, Jerusalem

    “Most of what you wrote you couldn’t have just guessed. 

                                                                                                                                         Luba, Tel Aviv


    “I was shocked by how much you knew 

                                                                                                                                    Yesenia, Santa Fe


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