Capricorn sense of obligation

My spouse is a Capricorn and I had a dream tonight about this Capricorn woman iv’e known my whole life. So I decided to say something about them. The most important thing about Capricorns is the way they preserve things, especially structures, especially old ones, such as marriage. They say about Love and Marriage so many things (that they go together like a horse and carriage, for example) but with Capricorn it isn’t always true. most likely it is total bullshit. It is not that Caps don’t know how to love – it is just that first comes the structure, then (sometimes) they dare to even begin to wonder about themselves. They do have passions, I mean urges, needs: they want to feel, to play, to caress. For the other partner it might be seen as love, especially if it happens within a structured relationship (which it must, otherwise they will just fuck and leave, no tenderness).

Don’t be offence if you are a Capricorn yourself and don’t get hysteric if you are dating a Cpricorn. I’m not talking about fooling around or playing games. It is the total opposite, actually. They have such a strong sense of commitment, they won’t dare to comit themselves to a person – a person can leave, cheat or god forbid, die; no, they commit themselves to the structure itself. The bond. The Marriage.

(by the way, some astrologers talk about the spiritual Karmatic connection between Pisces and Capricorn. I believe this is what they mean: the way both are giving themselves as servants to a bigger thing, not the individual. with Pisces it is more the ideal, with Capricorn – the structure; but both put something bigger then them or the other person to devote or dedicate themselves to)

But don’t mistake this interpretation of Capricorn to mean anything: they are not better or worst husbands and wives; they are not more or less spiritually developed than any of us. They just put the structure in front of the feeling. the frame in front of the painting. the commitment in front of the meaning. Sometimes, it looks like they forgot or don’t know how to love. Actually, that is their way of loving.

^ Some Kabbalah insights: the idea that Judaism is Capricorn was based on that quality. There is a famous saying נעשה ונשמע meaning first let’s do/act (נעשה) then listen/understand (נשמע); First comes the act, the Mitzvah – then the reason why we should do this and that.


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