Planets and signs in natal 4th house

In Astrology we search for significant telltales on a natal chart. The 4th house is where we find clues for father figure, father background and family background. There we an see indication for immigration, education, trauma and so on events and circumstances that were and are involved with the father and the family.

A populated 4th house increases the chances of patriotic activity and an emphasized 11th house shows tribal involvement (community) in one’s life.

for example:

well aspected and strong moon on the 4th house may show a lineage of strong women.

Neptune on the 4th house shows a religious background

Pluto in this position talks about immigration or some other physical transformation that happened to family or father

As for signs of the 4th they don’t tell much but the ruler of 4th house can give us more details about one’s brought up and family background.


the Hebrew letters connection between Astrology and Kabbalah

Hebrew alphabet is represented in the Kabbalah Tree of Life, which also represents the Astrology Signs and Planets.

egaons tree

the sephirot themselves are represented by the planets:


Keter (crown) – Uranus

Chochmah (wisdom) – Neptune

Binah (understanding) – Saturn

Chessed (mercy) – Jupiter

Gevurah (strength, courage) – Mars

Tipheret (beauty) – Sun

Netzach (victory, eternity) – Venus

Hod (splendor) – Mercury

Yesod (the foundation) – Moon

Malchut (the kingdom) – Earth

and the paths between the sephirot, that are connected to the signs:

Netzach-Malkuth is ק and Pisces (dagim דגים)

Netzach- Yesod is צ and Aries (tale טלה)

Hod-Tipheret is ע and Capricorn (gedi גדי)

Gvurah-Chessed is ט and Leo (arie אריה)

Binah-Tipheret is ז and Gemini (te’omim תאומים)

Chochmah-Tipheret is ה and Aquarius (deli דלי)

Tipheret-Chesed is י and Virgo (betula בתולה)

Tipheret-Netzach is נ ans Scorpio (akrav עקרב)

Chochmah-Chessed is ו and Taurus (shor שור)

Binah-Gvurah is ח and Cancer (sartan סרטן)

Tipheret-Gvurah is ל and Libra (mozna’im מאזנים)

Also, the Sephirot are related to the different Signs qualities: Mutable, Fixed and Cardinal.

Netzach (Victory & eternity) is for fixed signs: Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio and Leo. Its planet is Venus.

Hod (highness), Yesod (element) & Malchut (kingship) are for mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

OK so now you know some of the basic connections between kabbalah and Astrology. How to take it further to some practical knowledge or even practices?

I know of an interesting Kabbalistic path that analyzes your spiritual soul code and is based on the Hebrew letters and their combinations into sentences from the כתובים, the complete Jewish traditional writing including the bible and its by heart and by writing interpretations.

The astrological way through this path could be the abbility to understand Astrologically the code for one’s soul by looking bot on date of birth and Hebrew personal name, Hebrew calendar date of birth and mother’s Hebrew name.

Soon to come!

Love to you all

finding (natal) chart rulers or ruling planets

working with Astrology and with natal charts takes some basic do’s and dont’s.

at the Dos section we can find the first step when approaching every natal chart: identifying its ruler or ruling planet.

Deciding which of the plants is/are the most dominant or influential in a person’s (or event’s, relationship’s, atc.) chart is sometimes easy, sometimes not so much. Often a hint would be found by the AC or rising sign. sending us to its ruler (ruling planet) and ruler’s location on the natal (or other) chart.

If this is it we may find some enforcement to the planet’s theme/s with other dominant positions on the natal chart. For example an Aquarius horizon with Uranus as its ruler or ruling planet is common to have other dominant Aquarius “stamps” on it (aquarius moon or sun) and/or dominant 11th house.

Dont’s: vice verse doesn’t always work. If you see a stelium, for example, on 11th house it doesn’t indicate Uranus as the chart’s ruler or ruling planet.

Ruler / ruling planet is very important when doing readings to people and events or when making personal forecasts. it is crucial when working with transits.

Make sure to see the bigger picture, too: sometimes it is not just one but 2 different rulers for a chart: for example, the above Aquarius rising chart is ruled by not only Uranus but also Saturn: both are the traditional rulers of Aquarius, therefore both should be checked closely when checking transits – for an event, for a person, atc.

As for rulers location on natal or other chart and also how it affects the chart reading and interpretation – on the second part of this article.

Love to you all


Astrology of covid-19: part 2

Having discussed generally the constellation that triggered the current pandemic and after trying to analyse thebasics of astrology of covid 19 in the first part, I now move on to the speciffic areas of affect this pandemic carries due to the speciffic envolvement of certain planets in certain signs.

A little longer then a year ago, on the end of 2019, Saturn, the great tutor, was meeting Pluto in Capricorn. This meeting (on this 45 years apart ongoing schedule) was this time (remember the old Ants and their very slow language in Lord of the Rings? think this way) about revolutions and restrictions in governmental patterns and constructions. Saturn kept moving happily (or more like, earnestly) toward Uranus: another gigantic with plans of its own, sitting meanwhile in Taurus after just entering there. Saturn and Uranus first intense interaction happened while Saturn was forming a direct square from the 3rd degree of Aquarius to Saturn, at about half of the time spoken here (saying, on the peak months of this Covid-19 Pandemic, טפו טפו טפו, about 8 months ago on the summer of 2020) . As the great tutor not only personally but also to humanity, this form was an intense one because these two unfriendly but somehow, more “natural” planets, Saturn and Pluto, had plans of forcing some form structures over humanity (remember? revolutions and restrictions in governmental patterns and constructions) , as only the mediator of the gigantic planets, Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn had no choice but to take upon himself yet another task or mission (as Capricorns always do or people with dominant Saturn/Capricorn on their personal chart) : doing whatever needed and exactly as set with Pluto first, but with the new Uranus in Taurus crazy plans. Sorry for all Uranian fans out there, I myself an Aquarius moon and hell I know How fierce Uranus can be (personally I have it on my 8th house, meaning a lot to me). but here in Taurus Uranus plays with us the wicked game of give me some of your XYZ and get some revolution in return. this time, the negotiation is over the Taurus concerns. Taurus rules humanity assets: our physicals stamina, our wheat, breads and agriculture, as well as comforts, habits and sense of control over our surrounding. Taurus is the comforts and practicality of life. It is slow and steady. In the human body Taurus is the neck and throat. It also cares about our money but having Uranus there can not speak about cash alone. it speaks about the means of the making and handling it. Taurus is also an Earth Fixed sign. It is ruled by Venus / Earth. All these and other Taurus related areas were expected to be heated by the nature of this combination, Uranus in Taurus. Uranus in Taurus plans for us (here to stay for about 15 years and early born Taurus suns, as well as others with Taurus moons or Taurus rising on their Personal Chart, have started already feeling its affect personaly) – begins with the unique, lets say, Uranian sense of humor. Imagine maybe Who framed Roger rabbit or this kind of very slapstic no-red-lines sense of humor. yes, with Uranus in Taurus the price is not funny for us as it is for Uranus. This planet has been moving 2 degrees from the 2nd to the 4th during this year of covid-19. It entered while we were mostly busy with the Pluto in Capricorn governmental issues (still going on off course) and very typically it hit us not when expected (as is with Uranus) and waited to hit his show later then expected (Like, Uranus spent one whole year out of fifteen on waiting just to make a joke, before hitting us with a crazy lethal virus. Ha ha, isn’t that funny. Not)

Im not blaming Uranus. As said on the first Astrology of covid 19 article there are other heavy planets and the actual Pluto and Saturn meeting was the focus of our attention. Pluto being in Capricorn – yes, after squaring with Uranus in Aries for some time (think back 2014-2016), and after conjuncting with exessive Jupiter – is by itself a reasonable position for this pandemic as a governmentally-spread economical and structural game-changer.


Neptune in houses

Neptune shows what deprives from you in your life. For example, a person with Neptune on the 4th on the natal astrology chart will probably have issues with having no home: being in institutes or in jail. A person with same Neptune but on the 9th may show, depending on other planets involved, a lack of efficient supporting system that allows either publication of the individual’s creative and/or personal materials or going through high education – as well as any other 9th house related topics. Not only Neptune shows what lacks, is missing and deprives from your life, it also tells us in what way it does that or how it happens. Neptune on the 3rd – means of communication are being deprived. May indicate an “on the spectrum” behavior or having little or no siblings, neighbors and everyday attachments.

Neptune on the 2nd – personal assets are being deprived. Popular in twins charts, when they are born into reality of sharing everything they have (from placenta or womb to parents and family, sometimes friends and school)

Neptune on the 1st – Sense of self is being deprived. I believe these people tend to have narcissist relationships as a result, sometimes.

true and mean node head and tail of the dragon

While other astrologers are trying to explain / justify their United States recent election results predictions (I gave up trying after Failing so hard last time, 4 years ago), I was having a revelation today.

It had nothing to do with neither Trump nor Biden, but with the nodes.

True and mean nodes or head and tail of the dragon.

They are known to carry some carmatic value to each astrology chart, telling us about both lessons we learn, represented by the head of the dragon or the true node – and lessons we have already learned or knowledge (intellectual, practical, sensual, spiritual, societal knowledge atc) we already gained (most astrologers explains that gaining with reincarnation theories which I find too hippy and vague) and known reactions and energy we are familiar with, usually being used and worked with in childhood – vs the knew, yet unknown areas of life, experiences, vibes we have been either preventing ourselves from intentionally or just have never met. Things we tend to feel usually very uncomfortable with but meet again and again in life, just like our current lesson in this life time, represented by the mean node or the tail of the dragon.

counter intuitively, we know when born or from an early age first the tail and with life we are moving towards the head of the dragon. we are, metaphorically, probably not sliding down but climbing up the dragon.

so far what i have learned about the nodes.

Now, the new insight was that they are actually telling you what keeps you alive, what makes you survive. first, what is the theme of survival in your life. what axis it activates generally. to an Astrologer it can tell a lot about the survivalist story of the person, and must be examined first with every question about Karma. Then what next you can learn from the axes is what is motivating you, like gas to a car, in your life and especially learn the tension between what might be your comfort zone (if you are older then 20-25), represented by your mean node , the tail – and what one might experience as an ongoing attacks from the outside world – as long as they don’t understand and start working with their lesson.


They like to talk about Saturn being the lesson teacher, the great tutor, right?

so why the nodes? are they, too?

its a different king of lessons, or struggles. the nodes’ one is a more spiritual one and would probably be felt in everyday life and experienced as the thread of life, if at all, by very sensitive souls.

the Saturn one is the one of you against reality: trying make a living, meeting systems, struggling with parents, struggling over independency, atc.

so, I believe that the earlier you accept and adopt and embrace the energy of your true node (head), the better life you will get to have.

(do not be afrais if you afe focusing on being positive through embracing your head of dragon while hearing all of a sudden the call of the tail.

according to your tail’s position and its orbs to planets you can tell how it is going to call you: if its gonna whisper like a lover or whisper in a voice that takes the earth under your feet…. or any other way 🙂

Anyways, it is going to call. and we are all going to


Astrology of covid-19 : Saturn conjunct Pluto and Jupiter with retrograding Neptune in Pisces

Since the spreading of the covid-19 and its arrival to Israel I have been fascinated by its astrological manifestation and analysis.

Sometimes, as planets teach us, life is just not fair.

Life seems to be unfair whenever we feel as if a lot had been put on achieving something until some breaking point occurred: a point of no return was crossed and there’s no way back.

We are talking here about the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, an encounter that repeats itself every 34 years or so and was responsible for many world-wide crisis, the  Saturnian cruel facing of harsh reality with transformative force by Pluto can cause, depending on the location of other planets, a world wide disasters such as a disease, war, terror wave and so on .

With an addition from Jupiter conjucting too this whole tightness , the events became – well, Jupiternian, Sagittarius like: spreading themselves all over the place, taking whatever reality they are creating / facing and makes a lot of it.

A transformative (Pluto) deep process (think Phenix) meeting the must to face reality with no masks force (his highness, planet Saturn). Only here, in this Covid-19 crisis-like constellation of the sky, Neptune was involved with a series of retrograding in Pisces creating many rumors and some attractive, secret appeal to the planetary show being demonstrating on us here on earth. And now Saturn is retrograding, the world is in between the first and second wave of the corona virus attacks only next one is happening with Saturn being in Aquarius, affecting us on a less physical (Earthy Capricorn) more mental post-institutional (Airy Aquarius) level. Big organizations (NGOs and other shared-interests based communities) will play a hugh role here. But it will only take 2 years or so before Saturn moves on to Pisces.

To heal us all towards the new cycle in Aries.

(Heal us through hardships and reality but still heal and clean)


Thank you for reading

May God save you all

ברוך השם יום יום שהגענו עד לכאן ולכל יום נוסף כאן נודה






the Book of Job and Uranus

Having an Aquarius Moon,  today I was on the phone with an Aquarius sun soul sister who’s experiencing Job-like “symptoms” in her life right now. we were discussing life and kids and astrology while all of a sudden it hit me: the book of Job is a typical Uranus story.  so I mentioned it to her and told her (yet again) my old Uranus joke:
Imagine a man walking down the street while a brick falls on his head.
she laughed, of course. So did I. Even though it is not funny, we both appreciate an Uranian sense of humor. But then she said:
This is my life at the moment.
And than it hit me.
The Book of Job is an Uranian story.

What does the book of Job say

The book of Job tells the story of a man who gets more losses than a man can suffer. And each time he thinks he can not suffer anymore, another disaster comes upon him.  He losses everything he has.
For some reason, the common Christian adaptation of the story tends to emphasize the wounds or physical suffer poor Job had to suffer, while Judaism basic education in the state of Israel, at least, tends to question both the meaning of “blessing” קללה in the text and the presence of Satan in the story.

Accordiing to Job, just how Uranian can Uranus be?

in one word: A Lot. As much as universes can be universal. Infernal. Eternal. Uranian people tend to be forced somehow, usually by normative (or “normative”) circumstances, to see the bigger picture right from a very early age. Uranian person  is not necessarily a person born under the sign of Aquarius or has an Aquarius moon,  like my friend and me. Aquarian person is influenced directly from Uranus in a strong way shown on the Personal Natal Chart in any other way.


Chiron – what is wrong with me?

Chiron’s location on Natal Chart indicates an area on your life in which you CONSTANTLY BELIEVE SOMETHING IS WRONG. Usually our believes lead to action (depends on relationships with othe aspects on the chart) and we can find ourselves manifesting Chiron in our life and behaviours.

for example, Chiron on the 7th house indicates you allways doubt your relationships, especially the romantic ones, it doesn’t mean a person who changes and shifts from one partner to another, rather it tells how this person feels about their relationahips. this position of Chiron may come with lots of constent douby about the relationships these people are involved in. lots of questions about, is this relationship good for me? some fear of intimacy or past problems with intimacy.

Chiron on the 8th house indicates the same doubts and questioning and feeling that something is wrong, only in the area of life that relates to intimacy and sex.

these people might grow up feeling something is “wrong” with them sexually. they may come to try different “kinks” or later in life become sexual hermits – people who avoid sex or tend to have very little of it.

Chiron on the 12th house may raise a constant doubt about connection with this worlsd, therefore might be asociated with some level of depression.

other positions of Chiron:

on the 6th – what is wrong with my health (might be a hypochondriac)

on the 5th – what is wrong with my kids, pets – might be a person who worries a lot about their kids and pets

on the 4th house – what’s wrong with my mother or childhood – may indicate a feeling of an unresolved trauma in childhood or some unexplained pain from the mother

on the 3rd – what’s wrong with my brothers and sisters, or whats wrong with my thinking and the way I comunicate myself

on the 2nd – what’s wrong with my talents, my property – a constent doubt regarding what a person can or can not do, achieve, keep.

on the 1st – what’s wrong with who I am – a person who feels that something is wrong with them, their’e choices in life where wrong (from their perspective) and they did many wrong things (from their point of view).


The 5 kinds of Astrology charts

Generally, there are five main kinds of Charts an astrologer can draw and analyze. All these charts are personal charts, being drawn with the place, date and time of birth of a specific person. The main five Astrology charts are called: Synastry, Composition, Solar and Lunar Return, Natal Chart and Transits Chart.


An experienced Astrologer would usually combine few charts, or few readings, to answer a specific concern. For example, if a person wants to know about their love life in the next year, the astrologer would usually combine a Natal Chart with transits and Solar Return Chart in the Astrology Reading. In case there is a specific romantic candidate, a Synastry and Composite charts can be drawn, too.

Every Astrologer uses their own way of reading the Astrology personal Chart they are making. Some use Western Astrology methods and tools, some use Vedic Astrology (eastern Indian old method) and some use Kabbalistic Astrology tools and interpretations. The way a specific Astrologer choose to interpret the Astrology Chart doesn’t change the chart itself: same planets, houses and signs are used in all Astrology methods, except in the Chinese astrology.

Here I would like to say a few words about the most popular and powerful kinds of Astrology Charts: the Synastry, the Composition, the Solar Return, the Natal Chart and the Transits Chart.

Note: All charts require exact time, date and place of birth.

Natal Chart

The basic Chart, showing a picture of the stars and signs in the sky on the exact time you were born, as seen from the exact place you were born. This chart is the basis for all other charts and without it Astrology reading can’t be accurate. It tells the persons personal planets positions, shown their dominant houses and tells one’s rising sign, which leads usually to find the Chart’s ruler.


a Transits Chart, and Transits Reading, tells what is going on in one’s life in current days, while current can mean day-by-day, if chacking the moon transits – or it can show a period of few years, if checking Pluto or Neptune transit on the Natal Chart.

Solar and Lunar Return

the Solar Return Chart is used to predict what is going to happen within the next year from your birthday. Astrology fans draw this chart in the few days before or after their birthday, every year, to see how the year ahead is going to look like. This kind of Chart usually tells, in combination with Transits Chart, if one is going to have new love this year, start a new job, get pregnant, and so on.

Lunar Return Chart is used when there is a dominant Moon in one’s Natal Chart.


The Astrology Chart we call Synastry is actually a chart combined from 2 personal Natal Charts. Putting these 2 charts in an overlapping way shows the aspects in which the two people meet: what is it in each of them that makes the other tick, what atracts them to each other, how they affect each other, how they help each other grow or the other way around, how they hold each other back. A synastry chart is usually very accurate when knowing both persons time and place of birth, in addition to the date of birth (year, month and day of the month). A synastry couple chart can function as the relationship road map and it reveals the dynamics, the psychology, the atraction and the friction of the relationship between two people. This Chart is usually drawn for couples to show their romantic relationship but other relationships and partnerships can benefit from such reading: parents and children relationship, sisters and brothers relationships, boss and employee partnerships, atc.


Composition chart is the Astrology chart that reveals more about the essence of a relationship or partnership. It shows something like what this thing is all about and what are we here for. It is considered a more spiritual astrological drawing of the relationship, while synastry would be the kind of chart showing more of the psychological aspects of the relationship. In some ways, it shows the third entity being created when two people meet and interact: the relationship itself.

In addition to these charts, Astrology uses drawings and transitions to the natal chart in other cases and occasions:

Relocation Chart – when one is moving away from their birth place;

Event Chart – when there is a special event – then, the astrologer can create an event chart and read it in the light of the natal chart;

Horary Chart – when there is an inportant question that needs to be answered by the universe;

sometimes, when a name is being changed.

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