Feminist Astrology

During history, it was men and patriarchy who discovere or invented Astrology. There is no exact date for when exactly that happened, since Astrology was practiced in different cultures at different times, and each culture has itself several opinions about the time it was first practiced. Even though women might have practiced Astrology as well, the use, description, translation from one culture to another, and improving of Astrology is related to men rather than women untill the 20th century.

As a result, Astrology is by definition a patriarchal practice. even though some believe it was practiced by women who concidered to be witches and despite it is now part of the WICA culture, Astrology has fundemental believes and categories that belong to patriarchy. As a result, Astrology gender myths and symbols are very determined and old fashioned, with binary, dychotomy roles for male and female: male is represented by either the Sun, planet of the ego and the father figure, or by Mars, planet of war – while Female is represented by either the Moon, planet of the mother figure, or by Venus, planet of beauty.

These charectaristics are being used when drawing and while reading and analysing a chart. You can still, in 2017, have an Astrology reading in which – asuming you are a female – you might hear things about your masculinity if you have your Mars on your AC – or about your pasivity and tender, gentle character, if you are a male having his Venus on AC.   But as a sociaty we are not like that anymore – we don’t assume anymore that there are only 2 binary gender roles, 2 sex options and that each gender has its own old, fixed behaviors, roles, traits, interests atc. We accept more than just two binary options, and we do believe that woman who is assertive or even likes to practice marital arts, is not necaserily masculine.

Besides that, we are more aware, as a society, to the affects of having gender roles from the first place: how being directed to liking pink and pretty dolls, for example, may affect your self image and later interfere with the type of career you’ll be persuing.

All these changes in society and in our knowladge as a society were left outside Astrology and Astrology readings.  instead of embracing them and rethinking some old, worn out concepts, Astrologers tend to live their own knowladge, experience and baliefes outside reading and keep old symbols without any change.

Feminist Astrology suggest the opposite – it transforms meanings and symbols into hybrid Astrology, one that represents and depict our lives as they are.

It also incurages using the old feminine power within Astrology, including planets that were hidden, repressed and fear of for centuries.


Some interesting feminist astrology readings and analysis you can find on the category of Charts of Iconic Women

Contact me  for a Feminist Astrology Reading


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