Astrology Personal Reading – why I like it and what is it good for

My favorite part in Astrology is personal reading.

People who ask for personal reading usually cope with some hard times in their life, some unresolved issues or a life changing dilemma. Many of my astrology personal readings deal with love or fate matters. At least, this is the initial trigger for the personal reading. But just like anything else in Astrology, personal reading reveals depths of personality that are also part to the current situation that led the person to seek for answers, in addition to life path, karma, and other factors that together create not only the situation, configuration or constellation the person seeks to resolve but also their own approach towards it. Doing a personal reading for a person is similar to that moment on a road trip where a hidden valley is showing itself right behind the curve of the road. The valley seemed to not be there for one minute, and then the next one it’s there. Personal chart, too, shows all the details that together create this beautiful, one time picture which is a specific inner landscape of a person: strengths, tools, traits, talents, recurrent copings in life. Astrology personal reading does not only reveal the personality, as some people may think. It shows the path of life, the possibilities, the talents, the karmatic setbacks and the soul aspiration. Therefore it gives you the whole picture of a person, no matter if this person is religious or not, if they belive in psychology or in Karma or in spiritual growth, Astrology Personal Chart casts light on the way life goes for the person and the way they cope with life. On some level, having your personal reading is like looking in the mirror with one eye while seeing the world around with the other.

Personal Reading: Putting some order in the mess of life

Astrology Personal Reading gets better with details: the more detailed a question is, the better and more accurate the answer. The trick here is not to test the astrologer for knowing what is hidden from the eye, but to give the astrologer a true, honest chance to help. Often people expect me, as an astrologer, to know things bout them I was never told, just so they could have a “proof” of my psychic abilities. Well, I don’t claim to have such abilities. I do Astrology, and Personal Readings, because I know how to read the Astrology Chart: the planets, their locations, the Signs and the houses, the angels and so on. I like Astrology Personal Chart reading because it is like getting to know a new character. it’s like reading a book and meeting new literary friends, except this time they are real people I have never met and to whom I can actually help with my talents and knowledge.

Before becoming an Astrologer, I myself have had several Personal readings, where other astrologers have read my personal chart and analyzed it for me. The results were amazing. My interest in Astrology and in Personal Reading and Charts grew. I was astonished by the way an external eye can pin down a whole situation and by how sharper the view I have on my own life becomes with some words from another person. I remember having an intense feeling I was having some bad Karma chasing me, and this issue being resolved by a Vedic Astrology specialist. Another time I wanted to understand my tendency to attract stressful and destructive people and situations into my life; this led to another Astrology Personal Reading that showed me what I call my Pisces side or Neptunian side. The thing about Neptune is its hidden influence: it pretends to be anything else but itself. I HAD to have someone from the outside to show me this part of my chart and in my life and personality. No matter how much I googled Neptune opposing Sun, the result could not show me what a personal reading showed me about myself, about Ayellet. No general definition or description of my astrology aspects was as accurate and precise and pin-down as a personal reading, because Astrology personal chart analysis combines all the aspects in one’s chart in a way that tells the chart’s hierarchy – which aspects are dominant, what are the areas in life they influence the most, and how to deal with them.

Nowadays, as an experienced astrologer, I know that there is nothing like a personal chart being made and interpreted for you. Astrology Personal Reading can’t be replaced with general sun sign, moon sign or rising sign predictions, cause one’s own Chart may be ruled by a planet that is not even indicated by their sun, moon or rising sign.

For questions about life path, love, career, destiny, setbacks, personality, past issues, traumas, talents, strengths, relationships, matces and other life aspects – have your Personal Astrology Reading today. I would love to do that for you. Just click the link below and fill the empty fields:

Personal Reading


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    1. It depends, You are welcome to either write to my email or fill the form on my Personal Reading page. link is up here and also at the menu. Usually it is a fixed price unless the quetion or issue are very complicated.

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