Meaning of your sun sign

We are all producing energies of some kind, as we live.

Astrology in some parts refers to the energy you produce by your Sun sign.

Sun sign is where your Sun was positioned the time you were born. Not only it dwelled in one of the 12 signs but it was also angling other planets at this particular time and point you were born. In addition there are interpretations and meanings for each of the 30 degrees of each of the 12 signs.

Energy of a particular sign may effect your sun as it dwells on a certain house that relates to one of the 12 signs: 1st house to Aries, second to Taurus, third to Gemini etc.

For example, sun on the 8th house may produce some Scorpio energy, especially if at instance it is conjunct to Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler.

So what does each of the signs produce? what kind of energy?

Aries – produces energy and enthusiasm

Taurus – produces comfort and practicality

Gemini – produces words and communication

Cancer – produces Home and familiarity

Leo – produces evolvement and growth

Virgo – produces order and organization

Libra – produces balance and equivalence

Scorpio – produces depth and investigation

Sagittarius – produces wealth and expansion

Capricorn – produces minimalism and contraction

Aquarius – produces detachedness and analytical thinking

Pisces – produces compassion and dissolvement

Therefore, you can not, for example, predict one’s job or compatibility by their sun sign but you definitely can tell what kind of energy they produce or bring as workers as well as friends, partners etc.

Meaning of your Sun Sign

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