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Since there is a certain accuracy but not 100% precision with your sun sign and what’s going on in the weekly / daily / montly predictions, I decided to skip this part though I like it much and though it is indeed a popular search. Despite all that I don’t do these anymore unless privately. Please contact me if interested a personal prediction for a week / month / year ahead.

I leave the last predicion as it was the last time I drew it, which was almost 4 years ago.
I guess I quit since it took too much time to make those weekly general all signs predictions.

updating soon!


For the week between May 21 and May 27, 2017:

(To get a more accurate prediction, read your Sun, Moon and AC sign horoscope)

New Taurus Moon May 23d. This Moon illuminates our true talents and reminds us what we can do, rather than what we can’t. May 26, 27 – mars in Gemini aspects to Saturn in Sagittarius in opposition. There is a lot of motivation to do things but reality restricts us. This is a somewhat absurd aspect because the more we know what we need to do and feel ready to do it, the more restrictions are being forced on us. May 21st Sun enters Gemini sexstiles Moon in Aries. High level, even intense day for Geminis and Aries, also Leos and Cancers. 22 may – Moon conjuncts Venus in Aries opposing Jupiter in Libra. May 25 – Moon conjuncts (-3) Sun in Gemini.  May 26 – moon in gemini squares neptune in pisces.  May 27 – new cancer moon

Aries – New moon in your sign on May 21st sexstiles Sun in Gemini. Both brings a lot of fuel into your life, generally – and also helps you to express yourself, teach, or integrate elements in your life.  Use this transit, cause few days later – beginning Mars 26 – Mars your ruler is turning opposite to Saturn, and you may have a few setbacks, either external or internal. on the other hand, any project or drive being paused by this transit is going to resume next week, with double the confidence and reassurance.

Taurus – New Moon in your sign on May 23rd enlightens one of Taurus’s most mysterious realm – you own emotional life. When you finally figure what’s going on in there you are doing fine, but getting there is hard and confusing for you, even though you do know how to deal with it methodically. Yes, we are talking about your emotions, Taurus. This mysterious asset you usually think of as a burdon until you relalize how well it serves you and your own drive. Take some time to deal with it, contemplate and learn. By the end of the week you will have a clear sense of what to do with it.

Gemini – Sun enters your sign on May 21st and you start feeling better on that day. the same sun sexstiles Aries Moon and this combination enlightens your areas of communities, the web, online projects and volunteering issues, in a good energetic way. Those who work with internet, in sciense or other aquarius fields may have some breakthroughs today. New Moon in your sign on May 26th is an interesting Moon cause it aspects Neptune in Pisces. Don’t believe everything you feel and be aware of protective situations and people, cause they may delude you. Also on the 26th (+- a day), Mars in your sign enters an opposition with Saturn. That’s what we call in Hebrew “full gas in neutral” – meaning anything you do is futile, due to resistence from outside.

Cancer –  this week you may find yourself switching between moods and trying to balance different levels of energy and enthusiasm. 21, 22 of May, high energy but not a lot of cooporation and understanding from people around, with the 22 being even frustraing. on the 23d, Moon enters Taurus and you feel more like your element, knowing your true value.  May 25 is low energy again, and 26 may be absolutely draining.

Leo – May 21 is the first day of Sun, your ruler, in Gemini your house of groups, communities and online life. Aries Moon in your 9th house on the same day adds to the open minded vibe and you may be atracted to exploring new identities for yourself, influenced by encounters with a group of people or by online communication.

Virgo – Sun enters Gemini and your focus shifts into your path and goals in life: things you want to achieve, the person you want to become and where you are aiming at. New Moon in Gemini, your 10th house on May 26th is an interesting Moon cause it aspects Neptune in Pisces, your partnership house and opposite sign. Some new career oportunity, or if you are retired or don’t work, an opportinuty for self development, may arrise, but details may be missing. If it seems too good to be true it probably is. Another option is to have a great oportunity but with some unreliable people on the way, or even have the objection of a partner.

Libra – New Taurus Moon on May 23d should send you to a more deep reflection within yourself about what you realy worth. Hearing it from outside is not always enough, Libra – sometimes you just need to know yourself from within, without the approval of others. The day before, May 22nd, Moon conjuncts Venus in Aries, your 7th house of partnerships and also enemies. This combo will oppose Jupiter that has been spending some time now in your sign. Some tempting opportunities may colide with your sense of self. don’t go over the top, and remember to use this opportunity for inner search in an honest and modest way – no showing off!

Scorpio – New Moon in Taurus, your opposite house of partnerships and enemies, on May 23d, might provoke your suspicious nature and send you to a send someone to a guilt trip. A happier result of this Moon could be a romantic day or evening with loved ones and a feeling that your heart is on the right place. On the 27th, new Cancer Moon brings you back to your natural self, whatever that is. On the 26th, 27th, you may benefit from awkward situations that others may be restricted by.

Sagittarius – a very mixed week. On one hand, Sun enters Gemini and your opposite 7th important house, and there are two positive Moons for you – one is on Aries on May 21st, the other in Gemini on May 25th. On the other hand, from May 26th onward, things are getting a little crazy, when Gemini Moon squares Neptune and Gemini Mars squares Saturn on your sign. this time it’s hard to trust your instincts regarding other people, and some mommentum you have been gaining may suddenly encounter a setback. A positive way of looking at this aspect is that it might be the begining of the end of last year’s hardships: some energy is entering your life in full strength, and even if it seems to be negative at first, you will learn how to work with it to fix and improve things.

Capricorn –  A positive week for home issues, Capricorn! on May 22nd, Moon conjuncts Venus in Aries opposing Jupiter in Libra and your house of career. This aspect encourages some opportunities at work, so try not to miss it! Also, on May 26th, 27th and few days later, Mars is aspecting your ruler, Saturn, and you will get a boost of energy that you were missing for a long time. and if that is not enough, May 27 brings new Cancer Moon, and some positive vibes to your partnerships and romance.

Aquarius – On Sunday, Sun enters Gemini and your 5th house. It doesn’t bring a dramatic change for you, but more of a lovely, laid back, smooth vibes to your life – exactly the kind you need right now. A new Moon in Taurus on May 23d may evoke issues around home and family, and you wishing to learn to trust your instincts more everything home-related. You can do that, just be patient! and don’t forget those instincts, Aquarius. Gemini Moon on the 25th may make things light again.

Pisces – On May 21st Sun enters Gemini and your cardinal 4th house, while Moon aspecting it positively from Aries and your 2nd house of finance and values. a good investment for or from home, as well as any progress related to real estate, would be a wise thing to do this day. On May 26, 27, a conflict may arise between home and work, or between family and your goals, but this conflict should only trigger you to stick to what you believe in, even if things seem hard. May 26 may be a rough day, with your ruler, Neptune, squaring Gemini Moon. You may find yourself being forced to chose between doing things against your nature and doing things against your instincts.


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  1. Shabbath Shalom Dear, Please what can I know about Shevat, Aquirius, bet-tsadiy, the emanation connecting to Aquirius/Shevat, the Hebrew letter that represents Aquirius and more spiritual things and qualities about Myself, thanks.

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