Astrology and Kabalah

Hebrew alphabet is represented in the Kabbalah Tree of Life, which also represents the Astrology Signs and Planets.

egaons tree

the sephirot themselves are represented by the planets:


Kether (crown) – Uranus

Chokmah (wisdom) – Neptune

Binah (understanding) – Saturn

Chesed (mercy) – Jupiter

Geburah (strength, courage) – Mars

Tipharet (beauty) – Sun

Netzach (victory, eternity) – Venus

Hod (splendor) – Mercury

Yesod (the foundation) – Moon

Malkuth (the kingdom) – Earth

and the paths between the sephirot, that are connected to the signs:

Netzach-Malkuth is ק and Pisces (dagim דגים)

Netzach- Yesod is צ and Aries (tale טלה)

Hod-Tipharet is ע and Capricorn (gedi גדי)

Geburah-Chesed is ט and Leo (arie אריה)

Binah-Tipharet is ז and Gemini (te’omim תאומים)

Chokmah-Tipharet is ה and Aquarius (deli דלי)

Tipharet-Chesed is י and Virgo (betula בתולה)

Tipharet-Netzach is נ ans Scorpio (akrav עקרב)

Chokmah-Chesed is ו and Taurus (shor שור)

Binah-Geburah is ח and Cancer (sartan סרטן)

Tipharet-Geburah is ל and Libra (mozna’im מאזנים)

Also, the Sephirot are related to the different Signs qualities: Mutable, Fixed and Cardinal.

Netzach (Victory & eternity) is for fixed signs: Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio and Leo. Its planet is Venus.

Hod (highness), Yesod (element) & Malchut (kingship) are for mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.