Synastry chart – the up and down sides of your relationship

Today I encountered someone who asked online for a quick reading for a chart.

I had no idea who the person was so I just said what seemed to be obvious from the chart – that the person had an Aquarius moon on the 2nd house conjunct with Neptune and that this person is probably making money out of art.

I also saw an exact entrance of Jupiter, ruler of this chart, into the 5th house of romance, hobbies and pets so I mentioned this time is probably a time of self development through these areas of life.

It all seemed to be right since the inquirer told me that they were dating this person and would love to have their relationship chart, named Synastry.

since Synastrys are my favorite Astrology practice, I decided to dedicate a post to this subject or field of Astrology and Astrology reading.

a Synastry involves both sides strongest traits as they come to manifestation in a specific relationship. The way programs draw a synastry is easy – they just put two charts one outside the other in a way that the astrologer can read the poinrs or traits of both people and the way they kind of ‘speak’ with each other.

Often times it is very much of a discussion coming to life for me, when reading a synastry chart. the elements actually speak up with each other by different tones and other vocal nuances that can teach me about the relationship itself.

Off course, a synastry chart reading can not be replaced by, only based on, natal chart reading. meaning you are going to use the appropriate tools on your favorite astrology program or website to see the spread of the synastry. after being spread this way, charts have special angles and points that seem to speak to each other louder then others. Those are points where planets conjunct, opposite, square or sextile to each other.

Generally, the more dominant a planet or point is in one’s chart the more weight it has for the synastry calculation. Although, we can have some people ‘doing’ all kind of things to us – make us feel special, or understood, or even karmatically attached somehow. Usually, those connections will be manifested in the synastry and its attachment points.

In the picture you can see circled in black are the conjunctions, yellow – the sextile and pink – square.

usually all angles are meaningful (imagine them not talking to each other at all) but while sextiles are fluent positive energy and conjunctions are intense energy, squares tend to be more challenging to deal with though not necessarily difficult or fatalistically destructive for a relationship. having Saturn squaring someone’s Venus, sun or moon is better then…. right, not having them communicating at all.

And one last thing about synastries – try, for practice, having your synastry with someone that you like artistically such as a novelist or a painter. usually you will find some interesting connections….


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