Astrology of covid-19: part 2

Having discussed generally the constellation that triggered the current pandemic and after trying to analyse thebasics of astrology of covid 19 in the first part, I now move on to the speciffic areas of affect this pandemic carries due to the speciffic envolvement of certain planets in certain signs.

A little longer then a year ago, on the end of 2019, Saturn, the great tutor, was meeting Pluto in Capricorn. This meeting (on this 45 years apart ongoing schedule) was this time (remember the old Ants and their very slow language in Lord of the Rings? think this way) about revolutions and restrictions in governmental patterns and constructions. Saturn kept moving happily (or more like, earnestly) toward Uranus: another gigantic with plans of its own, sitting meanwhile in Taurus after just entering there. Saturn and Uranus first intense interaction happened while Saturn was forming a direct square from the 3rd degree of Aquarius to Saturn, at about half of the time spoken here (saying, on the peak months of this Covid-19 Pandemic, טפו טפו טפו, about 8 months ago on the summer of 2020) . As the great tutor not only personally but also to humanity, this form was an intense one because these two unfriendly but somehow, more “natural” planets, Saturn and Pluto, had plans of forcing some form structures over humanity (remember? revolutions and restrictions in governmental patterns and constructions) , as only the mediator of the gigantic planets, Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn had no choice but to take upon himself yet another task or mission (as Capricorns always do or people with dominant Saturn/Capricorn on their personal chart) : doing whatever needed and exactly as set with Pluto first, but with the new Uranus in Taurus crazy plans. Sorry for all Uranian fans out there, I myself an Aquarius moon and hell I know How fierce Uranus can be (personally I have it on my 8th house, meaning a lot to me). but here in Taurus Uranus plays with us the wicked game of give me some of your XYZ and get some revolution in return. this time, the negotiation is over the Taurus concerns. Taurus rules humanity assets: our physicals stamina, our wheat, breads and agriculture, as well as comforts, habits and sense of control over our surrounding. Taurus is the comforts and practicality of life. It is slow and steady. In the human body Taurus is the neck and throat. It also cares about our money but having Uranus there can not speak about cash alone. it speaks about the means of the making and handling it. Taurus is also an Earth Fixed sign. It is ruled by Venus / Earth. All these and other Taurus related areas were expected to be heated by the nature of this combination, Uranus in Taurus. Uranus in Taurus plans for us (here to stay for about 15 years and early born Taurus suns, as well as others with Taurus moons or Taurus rising on their Personal Chart, have started already feeling its affect personaly) – begins with the unique, lets say, Uranian sense of humor. Imagine maybe Who framed Roger rabbit or this kind of very slapstic no-red-lines sense of humor. yes, with Uranus in Taurus the price is not funny for us as it is for Uranus. This planet has been moving 2 degrees from the 2nd to the 4th during this year of covid-19. It entered while we were mostly busy with the Pluto in Capricorn governmental issues (still going on off course) and very typically it hit us not when expected (as is with Uranus) and waited to hit his show later then expected (Like, Uranus spent one whole year out of fifteen on waiting just to make a joke, before hitting us with a crazy lethal virus. Ha ha, isn’t that funny. Not)

Im not blaming Uranus. As said on the first Astrology of covid 19 article there are other heavy planets and the actual Pluto and Saturn meeting was the focus of our attention. Pluto being in Capricorn – yes, after squaring with Uranus in Aries for some time (think back 2014-2016), and after conjuncting with exessive Jupiter – is by itself a reasonable position for this pandemic as a governmentally-spread economical and structural game-changer.


Family Astrology

There are quite few common astrological combinations that are often found within families. They form an astrological structure as well as special relations between the family members. These family astrological combinations usually hold a karmatic meaning.

A ruling planet –

All family member will have, in this constelation, the same planet as a ruling or dominant planet in their charts. For example, an uranian family may have an aquarius dad, a mom with uranus as the ruling planet of her chart, one child with uranus on 1st house and one child with aquarius moon. The meaning is that this family was blessed with an uranian energy – they will be freedom loving people, keen to the new, considered somewhat weird as a family. Maybe they will have an unusual way of living, habits or relationships.

same sign kids –

Two, three or more children with same sun sign. The sunsign could be a telltale for the whole family energy: for example, taurus kids will indicate a country life and a tendency for foods: this family likes going on picnics, make food and eat, and induldge in the good life.

parent’s sun = child’s moon –

In this case, child will “take on” one of the parents’ sun sign and “embrace” it as his own moon sign. This kind of energy usually indicates a special connection between this parent and that child. Even if not shown, they may have a very strong understanding of each other and expresses each of other’s needs (unless other planets are opposing each other)

6-8 relationships –

With this constellation, a child’s sun sign would be placed on the 6th or 8th house from their parents sun sign. For example: a Capricorn parent with a Leo child or with a Gemini child. A Cancer parent with a Saggitarius or Aquarius child. And so on. This one considers to be a karmatic relationship, too: it usually forms a relationship in which both sides learn an important lesson about themselves thanks to the other.


crisis, totality, transformation, fanaticism, investigation, deep penetration, isolationism, scarcity, caution, influence, being able to be deeply influenced, subconscious, karmatic, a catalyst for crisis or crisis related, traumatic, tutorial, trigger, rebirth,

משברים, טוטאליות, טרנספורמציה, פנאטיות, חקירה לעומק, בדלנות, זהירות, תהליכים טרנספורמטיביים, יכולת השפעה, יכולת להיות מושפע לעומק, מתקשר לתת מודע, קרמטי, מתקשר לתהליכים גדולים ולא ידועים, משברי, טראומתי, מלמד, מפתח, לידה מחדש, ללמוד על בשרך לעומק


Idealism, longing, idolization, dissolving, lack of boundaries, sensations, imagination, ideas, empathy, confusion, haze, omnipotention / impotention, fantasies, illusions, unity, group-oriented instincts, identification, identity and lack of it, sacrificing, victimhood, treatment, religion, celebs, needs and needs identification, sensitivity, trends spotting

types: beauty carer, celeb, idol, nurse, victim, carer, inspiration, muse, fashionista, artist, artist manager, curator, film critique

אידיאליזם, כמיהה, נשגב, מסמוס, חוסר גבולות, רגשות, דמיון, רעיונות, הזדהות, ערפול ובלבול, אומניפוטנציה/אימפוטנציה, פנטזיות, אשליות, אחדות, אינסטינקטים ברמת הכלל, אמפתיה, הכלה, הזדהות, זהות ואובדן זהות, הקרבה, קורבנות, טיפול, דת, סלבס, זיהוי צרכים,זיהוי טרנדים

טיפוסים: קוסמטיקאית, סלבריטי, פנטזיה (דמות פנטזיונרית, אידיאל), אחות רחמניה, קורבן, מטפלת, השראה, מוזה, אופנאית, אמנית, סוכנת אמנות, אוצרת, מבקר קולנוע, תעשיין


mother, nourishment, instincts, protection, feelings, sensations, senses, body, me, relations, others, relationships, inner world, mentality, memory, infancy, childhood, desires (longing, want), empathy, understanding, yearning, longing, therapy, trends, needs fulfillment, taking care of, home, pampering, prince, women, children, money, energy, humor

types: mother, lover, carer, prince, princess

אמא, הזנה, הכלה, אינסטינקטים, הגנה, רגשות, תחושות, חושים, גוף, אני, יחסים, אחרים, מערכות יחסים, עולם רגש, עולם פנימי, זיכרון, גיל ינקות, ילדות, ילדות מוקדמת, תשוקות (משתוקק אל, רוצה), הבנה, הזדהות, כמיהה, זהות, טיפול, טרנדים, מילוי צרכים, פינוק, נסיך/ה, נשים, ילדים, כסף, אנרגיה, הומור

טיפוסים: אמא, אהובה, דמות מטפלת, נסיך, נסיכה


To understand Saturn in a chart try to combine the following qualities with the interpretation of its placement by house and sign:

difficulty, hardship, authority, lessons, development, growing, initiative, ambition, achievements, status, restrictions, restraint, reduction, concentration, old age, delay, frugality, learning, sense of scale, measurement, effort, experience, work, drive, motivation, resources, late bloomer, impotention, lack of ability, fear, absence, deprivation, lacking, repression, awareness to limitations and limits, karma, segregation, separation

קושי, סמכות, שיעורים, התפתחות, גדילה, יוזמה, שאפתנות, הישגים, מעמד, מגבלות, הגבלה, צמצום, גיל מאוחר, late bloomer, סמכות, עיכוב, קשיים, חסכנות, למידה, מידה, מידתיות, מאמץ, נסיון, עבודה, גיל מאוחר, דרייב, הנעה, משאבים, אימפוטנציה, חסכים, היעדר, הדחקות, מודעות למגבלות, קארמה, בידול

טיפוסים: מורה, מחנך, אבא, בוס, מנהל, דמויות סמכותיות, עריץ, דיקטטור, ראש ממשלה


To understand Uranus in a chart try to combine the following qualities with the interpretation of its placement by house and sign:

Invention, sudden thoughts, ideas, thinking, distance, alienation, reflection, learning, instantly, suddenness, inspiration, sudden events, incoherency, infrequency, abruption, disturbance, hectic, dissatisfaction, restlessness, weirdness, deviation, breaking the rules, exceeding procedures, rebelliousness, individualism, ambition, originality, curiosity, willing to go all the way to gain knowledge, nonconformism, otherness

הברקה, המצאה, גאונות, ריחוק, חשיבה, רעיונות, התבוננות, למידה, פתאומיות, השראה, אירועים פתאומיים, חוסר קשר, קטיעת רצף, אי מנוחה, תזזיתיות של חוסר סיפוק, מוזרות, חריגה, קיצוניות, שבירת מוסכמות, חריגה מנהלים, מרדנות, אינדבידואליות, שאפתנות, חקרנות, מקוריות, נונקונפורמיות, אחרות.


To understand Chiron in a chart try to combine the following qualities with the interpretation of its placement by house and sign:

learning how to use-, recovering, correction, instinct, measure, sense, sensitivity, survival, timing, improvement, maximizing, talent, learning, vulnerability, insecurity, inferiority, wound, hurt, pain, scar, distinction, key, development, growing, lessons, study, paradox, not too much and not too little, the right amount, have learned himself and can teach/instruct others, investment, endless efforts, impotension, availability, being concerned, here and now, improvisation, proportionality, sense of scale

type: servant, mentor, tutor, teacher, coach, staff person, author, editor, comedian

כדי להבין את חלקו של כירון במפה יש לשלב את המאפיינים הבאים עם מאפייני הבית והמזל בהם נמצא כירון:

ללמוד להשתמש ב…, החלמה, תיקון, אינסטינקט, חוש מידה, חוש, מידה, שיפור, שכלול, כישרון, למידה, פגיעות, הישרדות, חוסר ביטחון, רגשי נחיתות, פצע, פגיעה, הכלה, יכולת אבחנה, מפתח, התפתחות, צמיחה, שיעורים, למידה, פרדוקס, מידתיות, למד ויכול ללמד, השקעה אינסופית, אימפוטנציה, רגישות, הקשבה, כאן ועכשיו, אלתור

טיפוסים: משרת, מורה רוחני, מנטור, קואצ’ר, מורה, מדריך, איש שירות, סופר, עורכת, סטנדאפיסט


Beauty, finances, money, livelihood, decision making, love, affection, what is it that I love, how do I love, look, appearance, resources, manipulation, contacts with others, relations, relationships, marriage, partners, love, romance, art, taste, style, trends, senses, body, identity (what defines me), marriage, partnership

types: woman, lawyer, artist, designer, finance person, partner


יופי, כספים, קבלת החלטות, אהבה, חיבה, מה אוהב, איך אוהב, מראה, כסף, פרנסה, משאבים, מניפולציה, קשרים עם אחרים, מערכות יחסים, אהבה, רומנטיקה, אמנות, טעם, חושים, גוף, זהות (מה מגדיר אותי), טרנדים, נישואין, זוגיות, יחסים

טיפוסים: אשה, מגשרת, עו”ד, אמן, מעצב, איש כספים, בת זוג, בן זוג


Instincts, force, power, sex, violence, competition, ego, drive, ability, stamina, endurance, sexuality, impulses, urges, energy

אינסטינקטים, כוח, מין, אלימות, תחרות, אגו, דרייב, סיבולת, יכולת, כוח, מיניות, אימפולסים, דחפים, מה דוחף, איך דוחף, גבריות, גבר, הכרעות, הקצאת משאבים, אבחנה, תיעדוף אינסטינקטיבי, מה אני עושה, איך אני עושה, יכולת, פוטנציה, אנרגיה,

טיפוסים: גבר, לוחם, מגן, בן זוג