Neptune in houses

Neptune shows what deprives from you in your life. For example, a person with Neptune on the 4th on the natal astrology chart will probably have issues with having no home: being in institutes or in jail. A person with same Neptune but on the 9th may show, depending on other planets involved, a lack of efficient supporting system that allows either publication of the individual’s creative and/or personal materials or going through high education – as well as any other 9th house related topics. Not only Neptune shows what lacks, is missing and deprives from your life, it also tells us in what way it does that or how it happens. Neptune on the 3rd – means of communication are being deprived. May indicate an “on the spectrum” behavior or having little or no siblings, neighbors and everyday attachments.

Neptune on the 2nd – personal assets are being deprived. Popular in twins charts, when they are born into reality of sharing everything they have (from placenta or womb to parents and family, sometimes friends and school)

Neptune on the 1st – Sense of self is being deprived. I believe these people tend to have narcissist relationships as a result, sometimes.


Astrology of covid-19 : Saturn conjunct Pluto and Jupiter with retrograding Neptune in Pisces

Since the spreading of the covid-19 and its arrival to Israel I have been fascinated by its astrological manifestation and analysis.

Sometimes, as planets teach us, life is just not fair.

Life seems to be unfair whenever we feel as if a lot had been put on achieving something until some breaking point occurred: a point of no return was crossed and there’s no way back.

We are talking here about the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, an encounter that repeats itself every 34 years or so and was responsible for many world-wide crisis, the  Saturnian cruel facing of harsh reality with transformative force by Pluto can cause, depending on the location of other planets, a world wide disasters such as a disease, war, terror wave and so on .

With an addition from Jupiter conjucting too this whole tightness , the events became – well, Jupiternian, Sagittarius like: spreading themselves all over the place, taking whatever reality they are creating / facing and makes a lot of it.

A transformative (Pluto) deep process (think Phenix) meeting the must to face reality with no masks force (his highness, planet Saturn). Only here, in this Covid-19 crisis-like constellation of the sky, Neptune was involved with a series of retrograding in Pisces creating many rumors and some attractive, secret appeal to the planetary show being demonstrating on us here on earth. And now Saturn is retrograding, the world is in between the first and second wave of the corona virus attacks only next one is happening with Saturn being in Aquarius, affecting us on a less physical (Earthy Capricorn) more mental post-institutional (Airy Aquarius) level. Big organizations (NGOs and other shared-interests based communities) will play a hugh role here. But it will only take 2 years or so before Saturn moves on to Pisces.

To heal us all towards the new cycle in Aries.

(Heal us through hardships and reality but still heal and clean)


Thank you for reading

May God save you all

ברוך השם יום יום שהגענו עד לכאן ולכל יום נוסף כאן נודה







Idealism, longing, idolization, dissolving, lack of boundaries, sensations, imagination, ideas, empathy, confusion, haze, omnipotention / impotention, fantasies, illusions, unity, group-oriented instincts, identification, identity and lack of it, sacrificing, victimhood, treatment, religion, celebs, needs and needs identification, sensitivity, trends spotting

types: beauty carer, celeb, idol, nurse, victim, carer, inspiration, muse, fashionista, artist, artist manager, curator, film critique

אידיאליזם, כמיהה, נשגב, מסמוס, חוסר גבולות, רגשות, דמיון, רעיונות, הזדהות, ערפול ובלבול, אומניפוטנציה/אימפוטנציה, פנטזיות, אשליות, אחדות, אינסטינקטים ברמת הכלל, אמפתיה, הכלה, הזדהות, זהות ואובדן זהות, הקרבה, קורבנות, טיפול, דת, סלבס, זיהוי צרכים,זיהוי טרנדים

טיפוסים: קוסמטיקאית, סלבריטי, פנטזיה (דמות פנטזיונרית, אידיאל), אחות רחמניה, קורבן, מטפלת, השראה, מוזה, אופנאית, אמנית, סוכנת אמנות, אוצרת, מבקר קולנוע, תעשיין