Astrology of covid-19 : Saturn conjunct Pluto and Jupiter with retrograding Neptune in Pisces

Since the spreading of the covid-19 and its arrival to Israel I have been fascinated by its astrological manifestation and analysis.

Sometimes, as planets teach us, life is just not fair.

Life seems to be unfair whenever we feel as if a lot had been put on achieving something until some breaking point occurred: a point of no return was crossed and there’s no way back.

We are talking here about the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, an encounter that repeats itself every 34 years or so and was responsible for many world-wide crisis, the  Saturnian cruel facing of harsh reality with transformative force by Pluto can cause, depending on the location of other planets, a world wide disasters such as a disease, war, terror wave and so on .

With an addition from Jupiter conjucting too this whole tightness , the events became – well, Jupiternian, Sagittarius like: spreading themselves all over the place, taking whatever reality they are creating / facing and makes a lot of it.

A transformative (Pluto) deep process (think Phenix) meeting the must to face reality with no masks force (his highness, planet Saturn). Only here, in this Covid-19 crisis-like constellation of the sky, Neptune was involved with a series of retrograding in Pisces creating many rumors and some attractive, secret appeal to the planetary show being demonstrating on us here on earth. And now Saturn is retrograding, the world is in between the first and second wave of the corona virus attacks only next one is happening with Saturn being in Aquarius, affecting us on a less physical (Earthy Capricorn) more mental post-institutional (Airy Aquarius) level. Big organizations (NGOs and other shared-interests based communities) will play a hugh role here. But it will only take 2 years or so before Saturn moves on to Pisces.

To heal us all towards the new cycle in Aries.

(Heal us through hardships and reality but still heal and clean)


Thank you for reading

May God save you all

ברוך השם יום יום שהגענו עד לכאן ולכל יום נוסף כאן נודה







Aquarius own way

Aquarius is considered to be the most eccentric, weird, quirky and original of all signs. For many Aquarians it is hard to relate to Aquarius stereotypes: they portray a character which is hardly human. As an air sun myself i remembered having hard times finding myself in the Astrology descriptions of my sign; the same happened to one of my best friends, an Aquarius (also air sign). Astrologers usually talk about our brains and need to talk, communicate and transfer ideas, as if we were some kind of robots. Even lovely Libra, the third air sign of the zodiac, is being portrayed often in Astrology as a cold, calculated person.

But Aquarius definitely suffers from the worst public relations. In this post I would like to talk about Aquarius as a human, and try to explain their real traits that make them the unique people they are.

Aquarius people have data in their minds. They relate to the world through processing and consuming it in pieces of knowledge, information: data. it doesn’t mean Aquarius people don’t have feelings, it only means they treat and process their own feelings as another piece of information they have. that is why so often they might become overwhelmed by their own feeling, an episode that usually ends up with some alone-time.

This trait also causes them often to sound like they are sunk in details and can’t tell important and relevant data from pieces of information they have just collected along the way. It is a common thing talking to an Aquarius about a problem they have, having them sharing all of a sudden a fact that you totally don’t understand its relation to the subject. That is why they give the impression of being weird and eccentric -While in fact, they are having in front of them a lot of data, in a way that makes it hard to tell which one is relevant and which one is less relevant to the topic (that is why the get along so well with Geminis who tell them the facts apart from each other and take all the details into a nice structured logical story). This trait also makes them a very good advisers for others, where feelings are coming on the way of finding a solution for a problem and shouldn’t be taken into account.

For the same reason it is very hard for an Aquarius to make a decision. They can function bravely and admirably in a crisis but if they have time they will take it to consider the pros and cons of every situation, and to weigh all the tiny details that may affect their choice. That is also related to them being a Fixed Sign.

In a relationship, Aquarius people are as stubborn as notorious Taurus. They have their own way, which is usually the way that is best for everyone and for the greater good – and they won’t compromise it no matter what. Unlike Pisces, who also tend to see the general situation and outcome of their own private deeds and decisions, Aquarius are not flexible and won’t adjust themselves to changing circumstances. As a fix sign they tend to preserve things, relationships and even status quos and situations, and as an analytical, highly moral sign they know what is best for everyone.

Being so generalizing in their point of view, it is easier for them to move on where others might have stopped. That is how they find themselves in weird situations during their lives. They need to have friends who will accept and understand their unusual life experiences and ideas. friends ARE, ad astrologers usually emphasize, very important to Aquarius people.




More of the Moon / Cancer / 4th house and Uranus / Aquarius / 11th house Feminist connection

Continuing my investigations into the connections between dominant feminist figures and relations in their natal charts between Moon / Cancer / 4th house and Uranus / Aquarius / 11th house, here are some additional examples:

Andrea Dworkin – known for her struggles against pornography back in the 80s, Dworkin has a triangle between AC in Aquarius, Uranus in 4th house and Moon.

Judith Butler – a Yod structure between IC in Cancer, Mercury in Aquarius and ruler of 11th house  (pointing at the IC). Those of you who read her performativity theory and familiar with her background can see the connection: the idea for her theory was taken from family structures she became aware of as a child (IC in Cancer). this turned into a great mind-changing writing (Mercury in Aquarius in 11th house)

Emma Goldman – the feminist anarchist has Sun in Cancer, Uranus, ruler of 4th house, in Cancer conjuncting Venus, both quincunx Moon in Aquarius.


Gertrude Stein – Sun in Aquarius Conjuncting Mercury, ruler of 4th house, both opposing Uranus.


Valerie Solanas – known mostly for her SCUM manifest, Solanas has Uranus, ruler of 11th house, in 4th house in Cancer, trines Moon, ruler of 4th.

Eve Kosovski Sedgwick – Venus, ruler of both 4th and 11th houses, trines Moon.

Emma Watson – the youngest celebrity feminist got Mars in Aquarius, sextiles Moon in the cusp of the 4th house and also sextiles sun, ruler of 11th house.

Rihanna – representing the new kind of feminism, which manifests itself through actions more then through words, Rihanna has Mercury in Aquarius sextiles Moon in 11th house.

Malala Yousafzai – the 17 year old peace Nobel prize winner, known for her feminist struggles and agenda, has Cancer Sun quincunx Jupiter in Aquarius, and Uranus in Aquarius trines Moon, opposing ruler of 11th house.

Betty Friedan – a true feminist: Sun, Moon, Aquarius and Cancer relations in chart

As part of my constant theory making efforts I came up with a new one that presumes a solid link between feminist activism and Aquarius / 11th house / Uranus and Cancer / 4th house / Moon relations in natal chart. I know for sure of two true manifestations of this alleged link, therefore I have decided to do an in-depth investigation into the subject.

And this time: Betty Friedan


Friedan was born in 1921 and is known mainly because of “the problem that has no name“: an Iconic text published in the 60′ enlightening the social gender phenomena of the frustration homemades experience due to lack of self fulfillment. The text provides a feminist perspective on a sociological, gender and status related issue: the societal expectation from women to take care of their homes, children and husband while neglecting their own wishes and desires.

this text is included in every introduction class, seminar or anthology to Feminism and Gender academic studies, and is mentioned in Sociology and Psychology too as an important document of social sciences.

Betty Friedan Natal Chart


Sun in Aquarius, and Mercury too. Moon in first house, opposing Neptune in Cancer. Uranus on 2rd house – indeed, she used her rebelliousness as a resource and it was a life value for her, too.

Sun, Moon, Aquarius and Cancer relations

In a natal chart, the sun and the moon shows the essence of the person. The moon is cardinal, like Cancer, while sun is fixed, like Leo or Aquarius. The combination of the moon and the sun motivates the person to manifest their main core in the world. THIS combination IS their main core.

When having influence on both planets, sun and moon, from signs such as Cancer and Aquarius, what would be the outcome? in many senses, these signs are contradicting each other: Cancer is personal, intimate, private, introvert, emotional – while Aquarius is for the sake of the whole, extrovert, general and rational. Cancer is all about the past and Aquarius is all about the future. Cancer focus is on emotions and people, Aquarius focus is on causes and groups. and so on.

The common ground they both share is the search of belonging. while cancer belongs to family, Aquarius belongs to community. They both barriers, too: Cancer is the preservative of the zodiac, preserving family values and bearing memories for intimate relationships; Aquarius is the barrier of the new: new causes and new structures and forms for the whole community. The combination, therefore, is a very interesting and rebellious one: the most intimate structures are being smashed and transformed into new more general structures. The private is being found in the public. The personal becoming the political.

The personal is political was a slogan of second wave feminism from the late 60s. It is an essential part of feminism thinking. It is being represented in the combinations of Aquarius / 11th house / Uranus with Cancer / 4th house / Moon. It is not surprising therefor to find it in the chart of an influential feminism activist and theoretician.

Aquarius and 11th house


multiplicity, community, clan, trauma, organizations, separatism, isolationism, aristocracy, idealism, old age, vision, donations, distribution, spread, snobism, group belonging, group, blood circulation, nervous system, sight, seeing, height, science, virality, masses, internet, fraternity, empathy, sympathy, friends, aquainters, groups, the “right circles” (for status, ambitions, gaining goods ad respect atc)


ריבוי, קהילה, חמולה, טראומה, ארגונים, בדלנות, אריסטוקרטיה, אידיאלים, חזון, גיל מאוחר, תרומות, פיזור, הפצה, סנוביות, שייכות לקבוצה, קבוצה, מחזור דם, מערכת עצבים, ראייה, גובה, מדע, וירליות, המונים, אינטרנט, אחווה, אמפתיה, סימפטיה, ידידים, חברים, קבוצות, “החוגים הנכונים” להגברת סטאטוס, יוקרה, הטבות ורווחים