Betty Friedan – a true feminist: Sun, Moon, Aquarius and Cancer relations in chart

As part of my constant theory making efforts I came up with a new one that presumes a solid link between feminist activism and Aquarius / 11th house / Uranus and Cancer / 4th house / Moon relations in natal chart. I know for sure of two true manifestations of this alleged link, therefore I have decided to do an in-depth investigation into the subject.

And this time: Betty Friedan


Friedan was born in 1921 and is known mainly because of “the problem that has no name“: an Iconic text published in the 60′ enlightening the social gender phenomena of the frustration homemades experience due to lack of self fulfillment. The text provides a feminist perspective on a sociological, gender and status related issue: the societal expectation from women to take care of their homes, children and husband while neglecting their own wishes and desires.

this text is included in every introduction class, seminar or anthology to Feminism and Gender academic studies, and is mentioned in Sociology and Psychology too as an important document of social sciences.

Betty Friedan Natal Chart


Sun in Aquarius, and Mercury too. Moon in first house, opposing Neptune in Cancer. Uranus on 2rd house – indeed, she used her rebelliousness as a resource and it was a life value for her, too.

Sun, Moon, Aquarius and Cancer relations

In a natal chart, the sun and the moon shows the essence of the person. The moon is cardinal, like Cancer, while sun is fixed, like Leo or Aquarius. The combination of the moon and the sun motivates the person to manifest their main core in the world. THIS combination IS their main core.

When having influence on both planets, sun and moon, from signs such as Cancer and Aquarius, what would be the outcome? in many senses, these signs are contradicting each other: Cancer is personal, intimate, private, introvert, emotional – while Aquarius is for the sake of the whole, extrovert, general and rational. Cancer is all about the past and Aquarius is all about the future. Cancer focus is on emotions and people, Aquarius focus is on causes and groups. and so on.

The common ground they both share is the search of belonging. while cancer belongs to family, Aquarius belongs to community. They both barriers, too: Cancer is the preservative of the zodiac, preserving family values and bearing memories for intimate relationships; Aquarius is the barrier of the new: new causes and new structures and forms for the whole community. The combination, therefore, is a very interesting and rebellious one: the most intimate structures are being smashed and transformed into new more general structures. The private is being found in the public. The personal becoming the political.

The personal is political was a slogan of second wave feminism from the late 60s. It is an essential part of feminism thinking. It is being represented in the combinations of Aquarius / 11th house / Uranus with Cancer / 4th house / Moon. It is not surprising therefor to find it in the chart of an influential feminism activist and theoretician.


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2 thoughts on “Betty Friedan – a true feminist: Sun, Moon, Aquarius and Cancer relations in chart”

  1. i’ve got my moon in 11th house cancer.. and yes i’m an animal rights activists! feel like doing my chart? might help me empower myself more like this article did. 🙂

    1. Hi dear, Im happy to hear that! I really want to explore more into feminism and astrology as i did up here. I’m very curious about your chart but unfortunately I do personal reading only for payment… though very cheap! 🙂 I wonder what degree of cancer your moon is in and is it influenced by Pluto in Capricorn?

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