Family Astrology

There are quite few common astrological combinations that are often found within families. They form an astrological structure as well as special relations between the family members. These family astrological combinations usually hold a karmatic meaning.

A ruling planet –

All family member will have, in this constelation, the same planet as a ruling or dominant planet in their charts. For example, an uranian family may have an aquarius dad, a mom with uranus as the ruling planet of her chart, one child with uranus on 1st house and one child with aquarius moon. The meaning is that this family was blessed with an uranian energy – they will be freedom loving people, keen to the new, considered somewhat weird as a family. Maybe they will have an unusual way of living, habits or relationships.

same sign kids –

Two, three or more children with same sun sign. The sunsign could be a telltale for the whole family energy: for example, taurus kids will indicate a country life and a tendency for foods: this family likes going on picnics, make food and eat, and induldge in the good life.

parent’s sun = child’s moon –

In this case, child will “take on” one of the parents’ sun sign and “embrace” it as his own moon sign. This kind of energy usually indicates a special connection between this parent and that child. Even if not shown, they may have a very strong understanding of each other and expresses each of other’s needs (unless other planets are opposing each other)

6-8 relationships –

With this constellation, a child’s sun sign would be placed on the 6th or 8th house from their parents sun sign. For example: a Capricorn parent with a Leo child or with a Gemini child. A Cancer parent with a Saggitarius or Aquarius child. And so on. This one considers to be a karmatic relationship, too: it usually forms a relationship in which both sides learn an important lesson about themselves thanks to the other.


Vocations, Occupations, Institutions and Industries according to Planets, Signs and Houses

Aries and 1st House: Army (with Capricorn), Acrobatics, Start Up, Pioneering,

Taurus and 2nd House: Modelling, Business world, Gardening, Interior Design, Engineering, Dancing (with Leo and Pisces),

Gemini and 3rd House: Traveling Agencies, Teaching, Communication, Press, Marketing, Salesmen, Cars,  Architecture (with Capricorn), Elementary School, Tennis, Painting, Drawing, Piano Playing,

Cancer and 4th House: Social Work, Kindergarden,

Leo and 5th House: Stage, Theater, Dancing (with Pisces and Taurus), Nightlife, Business World,

Virgo and 6th House: Editing, Literature,

Scorpio and 8th House: BDSM, Investigations, Mines, Tourism,

Sagittarius and 9th House: Advertisement, Publishing, Racing, Sports, Football, Team sports, Universities and Academia,

Capricorn and 10th House: Business world, Soil and Earth industries, ground research, Architecture (with Gemini), Cosmetics (with Pisces), Army (with Aries)

Aquarius and 11th House: Science, Community, Volunteering and Volunteering organizations, Research, Internet, Astrology,

Pisces and 12th House: Fashion world and Design, Cosmetics (with Capricorn), Film and movies, Religion, Health and care, Hospitals, Jail, Poetry,

The six / twelve Astrology Axes

Another important element to interpret in an astrological chart, especially Natal Charts, Solar Returns and Progression Charts, is the axis element. There are 6 axes in astrology – six, because the chart is a wheel divided into 12 houses, each house a piece, just like a cake, and the axis involves 2 oppositional signs and houses. Astrology presents us with 64 different options, for in each chart houses fall on different signs. here is a classic example, when houses and signs match:

chart wheel with axises

but most astrology charts present combinations of houses and signs: Libra on the first house, Gemini on 8th house atc.

The astrological axes are only 6, though, and in order to use it in reading you will have to combine their meanings, in case they fall on different houses and signs: that is, when signs don’t match their natural house. The natural position of the houses and signs is as seen at the drawing above, with each sign and house matches the opposition sign and house in the chart wheel:

Houses 1-7 : Aries-Libra

Houses 2-8 : Taurus-Scorpio

Houses 3-9 : Gemini-Sagittarius

Houses 4-10 : Cancer-Capricorn

Houses 5-11 : Leo-Aquarius

Houses 6-12 : Virgo-Pisces

and all matches their natural astrological positions (Aries first, Taurus second atc.)

In an Astrological Chart, we might want to understand the meaning of an axis when interpreting prominent planets, angular points and other elements. for example one can not understand  the Nodes (Mean Node and True Node) without understanding the axis they sit on. It is also hard to interpret oppositions without having a sufficient understanding of the axis the opposition partakes.

Meanings of the different Axes in Astrology Chart

The 1-7 axis, or the Aries-Libra axis, is all about I am:

Me, as a person: my needs, ambitions, drives and boundaries, represented by Aries and the 1st house, VS including others in my scheme: significant others and just “others” with their needs, ambitions, drives and boundaries, represented by Libra and the 7th house.

The 2-8 axis, or the Taurus-Scorpio axis, is all about I have:

Talents and abilities I have and how I’m supporting myself, represented by Taurus and 2nd house, VS others’ resources and talents: heritages, inheritances, genes, karma that goes with me everywhere and other legacies I’ve got from home and early family – represented by Scorpio and 8th house.

The 3-9 axis, or the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, is all about I’m aware:

Available Ideas and possibilities i can reach and options my mind can grasp, represented by Gemini and 3rd house, VS expanding my awareness, widening my view and acknowledge possibilities, beliefs, experiences that  are “out there” beyond my immediate understanding.

The 4-10 axis or the Cancer-Capricorn axis is all about I generate/get:

Having emotional and personal impact on those i love and using bonding to get things, represented by Cancer and 4th house, VS generating my own means and relying on status to get things, represented by Capricorn and 10th house.

The 5-11 axis or the Leo-Aquarius axis is all about I can/influence:

Do, achieve, become, develop myself and influence others near me, represented by Leo and the 5th house, VS spread my influence further reaching groups of people and make a change in the world, represented by Aquarius and 11th house.

The 6-12 axis or the Virgo-Pisces axis is all about I know:

I know and  map the world around me through facts, personal experience and analyses, represented by Virgo and the 6th house, VS I process things intuitively, relying on general truths, common knowledge and others’ experiences and beyond myself experiences of this world, represented by Pisces and 12th house.

How to interpret combined axes in personal charts

Combining 2 elements is the difficult task  when doing Astrology reading and charts analysis. for example having somebody’s South Node falling on their 5th house in Sagittarius. In order to interpret the combination of 5th and Sagittarius, to figure their South Node meaning, you will need to combine 5th house axis meaning with Sagittarius axis meaning, like this:

5th house axis is about I can/influence: Do, achieve, become, develop myself and influence others near me. Sagittarius axis is about I’m aware: expanding my awareness, widening my view and acknowledge possibilities, beliefs, experiences that  are “out there” beyond my immediate understanding. The combination of the two gives us I influence through awareness or I’m aware through influence. Because we’re interpreting South Node (natural, intuitive skills, strategies and experiences the individual posses) we can conclude that as a child and as a default strategy in life, the Chart’s owner uses their authority over others to gain wider understanding and that major awareness events in their life were connected to their learning their own power over others.  We can also conclude that Chart’s owner is familiar with “changing” identities as a mean of gaining more awareness: that is, they are experienced with playing with their image and gaining wider awareness through it . Having in mind other aspects of the chart, this aspect may indicate either a manipulative tendency, a “chameleon” type or the need of others presence (friends, groups) to gain  knowledge about my self – that is, a somewhat very friendly person.

We use the same method to interpret the other side of the axis, this time, the True Node: we conclude that having True Node in 11th house and Gemini axis gives us a person who their learned experiences, challenging strategy and main lesson is to learn how to use what they already know in order to contribute others. This may indicate a person who needs to be more aware of their uniqueness and to understand that their experiences in this life are something others can learn from. If the context of the reading is professional, it may tell a career in  coaching (if other aspects support) or in lecturing that will be beneficial for the chart’s owner. If the context is spiritual then it tells being more personal in their interactions with other or being more interactive from the first place.

Like everything else in Astrology, things depend very much on other supportive elements and aspects of the chart.

Pisces and 12th house

Inspiration, art, what the world wants from me, close places, situations beyond one’s control, religions, becoming religious / leaving religion, cults, beauty, fashion world, movies, film industry, advertisement, being famous, celebs, cosmetics, chaos, cruising, going with the flow, doing for another (cause, person atc.), becoming one with, blending in, merging, addictions, drugs, seizures, separations, severing, imprisonment, being locked, uncontrolled fears, phobias, restraints, isolation, sleep

דגים ובית 12 – השראה, אמנות, מה העולם רוצה ממני, מקומות סגורים, מצבים שאין יכולת שליטה עליהם, דתות, חזרה בתשובה / שאלה, כתות, יופי, עולם האופנה, קולנוע, פרסום, סלבס, קוסמטיקה, כאוס, זרימה, הליכה עם הזרם,  עשיה למען, התמזגות, פרידות, מוות, סיומים, ניתוקים, פחדים לא נשלטים, פוביות, רתיעות מ-, מקומות סגורים, מאסרים, כליאות, בידוד, סמים, התמכרויות, התקפים, ניתוקים, התנתקויות, שינה

Virgo and 6th house


work, job, health, everyday, day by day, service, being in serve of, people who serve you or those you are superior to, routines, practices, talents, technical abilities, stomach, belly, spiritual practice, exercise, daily tasks, order, cleanliness, hygiene, details, technique, mantras, procedures, bureaucracy, workplace, servants, staff, what I give away to the world or what I want to give, criticism, proportion, sense of scale, issues with scale and proportion, measurement, exaggeration, organizing the chaos, putting things in order, strictness, preciseness, organization, details, editing, accuracy, punctiliousness, what i have learned myself and can tutor/teach/instruct, anxiety, sweaty hands

עבודה, בריאות, יומיום, שירותיות, אנשים שכפופים לך, רוטינות, פרקטיקות, כישרונות, כישורים טכניים, קיבה, בטן, תרגולת רוחנית, התעמלות, מטלות יומיומיות, סדר, נקיון, היגיינה, פרטים, טכניקה, מנטרות, נהלים, פרוצדורות, בירוקרטיה, מקום עבודה, משרתים, אנשי שירות, מה אני נותן לעולם או רוצה לתת, ביקורתיות, חוש מידה, נושאים שקשורים למידה, כמותיות, הגזמה, לארגן את הכאוס, להשליט סדר, הקפדה, נוקשות, ארגון, פרטים, עריכה, דיוק, דייקנות, מה למדתי ויכול ללמד, חרדה, הזעה בכפות ידיים

Sagittarius and 9th house


abroad, leaving abroad, people from abroad, traveling abroad, publishing houses, advertisement, spiritual practices, philosophies, truth, spiritual journeys, search for truth, search, belief, belief systems, religions, animals, nature, higher education, court system, justice, spread, publishing, marketing, optimism, ideals, old age, thighs, running, adventures, motorcycles, dangers, sports, enlightenment, discoveries, luck, second marriage, spouse’s parents, pets, horses, spaces, landscape, universities, courts, activism, citizenship, aristocracy.

חו”ל, חיים בחו”ל, אנשים מחו”ל, נסיעות לחו”ל, הוצאות ספרים, פרסום, תורות רוחניות, פילוסופיות, אמת, חיפוש רוחני, חיפוש אמת, חיפוש, אמונה, מערכות אמונה, חיות, טבע, לימודים גבוהים, מערכת המשפט, צדק, הפצה, שיווק, אופטימיות, אידיאלים, גיל מאוחר, ירכיים, ריצה, הרפתקנות, אופנועים, סכנות, ספורט אתגרי, גילויים, מזל, נישואין שניים, בני משפחה של בן /בת זוג (חמות וכו’), חיות מחמד, סוסים, מרחבים, אוניברסיטאות, בתי משפט, אקטיביזם, פוליטיקה אזרחית, אריסטוקרטיה

Leo and 5th house


show, spectacle, influence, self expression, creativity, ego, self, “I”, uniqueness and one of a kind, creation, art, kids, games, play, hobbies, shows, stage, performance, showing off, talents, fun, joy, enjoyment, romance, love life, affairs, courtship, amusement, leadership, leader, authority, king, royalty, jewelry, show business, screen, bars, clubs, nightlife

ראווה, סטאטוס, השפעה, ביטוי אישי, יצירתיות, ביטוי עצמי, אגו, “אני”, ייחודיות וחד פעמיות, יצירה, ילדים, משחקים, תחביבים, הצגות, במה, משחק, כישרונות, כיף, הנאה, רומנטיקה, רומנים, חיזור, שעשוע, הנהגה, מנהיג, סמכות, מלך, מלכות, תכשיטים, עולם הבמה, הופעות, ברים, מסעדות, חיי לילה

Capricorn and 10th house


Status, old age, adulthood, career, position in society, ambitions, structures and frames, systems, institutions, paradigms, banks, governmental offices, authority, parents, mother, work, goal, aims, values, influence, visibility, “doing the right thing”, bones, teeth, skin, management, organizing, discipline, army, hierarchy, hard until you’re 30 then it gets easier, experience, time, politics, workplace, boss, authority figures.


סטאטוס, גיל מאוחר, קריירה, מעמד בחברה, שאיפות, מסגרות, מערכות, מוסדות, מבנים, בנקים, משרדי ממשלה, סמכות, הורים, אמא, עבודה, מטרה, יעדים, ערכים, השפעה, נראות, “הדבר הנכון”, עצמות, שיניים, עור, ניהול, ארגון, סדר, משמעת, צבא, היררכיה, עד גיל 30 קשה אחר כך קל, נסיון, זמן, פוליטיקה, מקום עבודה, בוסים, דמויות סמכותיות

Taurus and 2nd house


resources, talents, abilities,inclination, money, work, real estates, finances, material, endurance, throat, voice, obstinacy, persistence, practical beauty, appearance, food, gluttony, obesity, sex, urge, lust, nature, soil, earth, physical house, physical body, stamina.

משאבים, כשרונות, כסף, עבודה, יכולות, נכסים, נדל”ן, חומר, התמדה, גרון, קול, עקשנות, יופי מעשי, מראה, אוכל, גרגרנות, השמנה, מין, יצר, תאווה, טבע, אדמה, בית פיזי, גוף פיזי, סיבולת

Cancer and 4th house


Home, childhood, parents, values that were absorbed in childhood, house you live in the present, residency, eyes, containing, womb, breast, empathy, intuition, understanding environment and others intuitively, identifying, imagination, resemblance, taking care, nutrition, cooking, hosting


בית, ילדות, הורים, אבא, ערכים שהוטמעו בילדות, בית פיזי שגרים בו בהווה, מקום מגורים, עיניים, הכלה, רחם, חזה, אמפתיה, אינטואיציה, הבנת הסביבה ברמה אינטואיטיבית, הזדהות ויכולת הזדהות, דמיון ודומות, טיפול, הזנה, בישול, אירוח