More of the Moon / Cancer / 4th house and Uranus / Aquarius / 11th house Feminist connection

Continuing my investigations into the connections between dominant feminist figures and relations in their natal charts between Moon / Cancer / 4th house and Uranus / Aquarius / 11th house, here are some additional examples:

Andrea Dworkin – known for her struggles against pornography back in the 80s, Dworkin has a triangle between AC in Aquarius, Uranus in 4th house and Moon.

Judith Butler – a Yod structure between IC in Cancer, Mercury in Aquarius and ruler of 11th house  (pointing at the IC). Those of you who read her performativity theory and familiar with her background can see the connection: the idea for her theory was taken from family structures she became aware of as a child (IC in Cancer). this turned into a great mind-changing writing (Mercury in Aquarius in 11th house)

Emma Goldman – the feminist anarchist has Sun in Cancer, Uranus, ruler of 4th house, in Cancer conjuncting Venus, both quincunx Moon in Aquarius.


Gertrude Stein – Sun in Aquarius Conjuncting Mercury, ruler of 4th house, both opposing Uranus.


Valerie Solanas – known mostly for her SCUM manifest, Solanas has Uranus, ruler of 11th house, in 4th house in Cancer, trines Moon, ruler of 4th.

Eve Kosovski Sedgwick – Venus, ruler of both 4th and 11th houses, trines Moon.

Emma Watson – the youngest celebrity feminist got Mars in Aquarius, sextiles Moon in the cusp of the 4th house and also sextiles sun, ruler of 11th house.

Rihanna – representing the new kind of feminism, which manifests itself through actions more then through words, Rihanna has Mercury in Aquarius sextiles Moon in 11th house.

Malala Yousafzai – the 17 year old peace Nobel prize winner, known for her feminist struggles and agenda, has Cancer Sun quincunx Jupiter in Aquarius, and Uranus in Aquarius trines Moon, opposing ruler of 11th house.


Aquarius and 11th house


multiplicity, community, clan, trauma, organizations, separatism, isolationism, aristocracy, idealism, old age, vision, donations, distribution, spread, snobism, group belonging, group, blood circulation, nervous system, sight, seeing, height, science, virality, masses, internet, fraternity, empathy, sympathy, friends, aquainters, groups, the “right circles” (for status, ambitions, gaining goods ad respect atc)


ריבוי, קהילה, חמולה, טראומה, ארגונים, בדלנות, אריסטוקרטיה, אידיאלים, חזון, גיל מאוחר, תרומות, פיזור, הפצה, סנוביות, שייכות לקבוצה, קבוצה, מחזור דם, מערכת עצבים, ראייה, גובה, מדע, וירליות, המונים, אינטרנט, אחווה, אמפתיה, סימפטיה, ידידים, חברים, קבוצות, “החוגים הנכונים” להגברת סטאטוס, יוקרה, הטבות ורווחים