Being a Capricorn: being fully and uniquely YOU


Continuing the Saturn investigations, I’ve been closely examined some Capricorns. What I have found amazing about Capricorn sun sign is the fact they know they are one of a kind. Basically each of us is one of a kind – each of us has a unique combination of qualities and defects, abilities and flaws that are uniquely theirs. But only Capricorns are basically quite fully aware or their own unique combinations and actually live according to it. they don’t get themselves into things they are not positive to be good at, and they put themselves strongly into what they can do and what they are good at. They apply this attitude to basically everything, including work, relationships, and even the ways they manage their everyday recourses.

Fact is, a person can not be aware of who they are unless they know themselves. Knowing yourself means knowing also what is you and what is not you: where you came from, how your origins affect you, where you want to be and who you want to be, who you already are, what are the things you can change in yourself and what you can’t change. Knowing all these things means knowing who you are, also means being aware you are one of a kind, which also means, hopefully, understanding that if you are one of a kind you have the burden and the chance to be fully who you meant to be, in this world.
So Capricorn is, basically, a sign of a burden and a chance, at the same time, of being who you are fully (or using what you have fully). Those of you who know the 10th house meaning and the meanings of Saturn know that both these elements represent something similar as well: th 10th house is who you come to be, while Saturn is what restricts you and also what teaches you your most important lessons in life (here you can read some more about Saturn and how it works within our charts and life).


Capricorn astrology compatibility

That’s why Capricorns are always such important people in our lives. They show us a way to fulfill our potentials by giving an example of how they do it themselves. If you examine closely a capricorn’s life you can see they usually smartly use whatever resources they have and juggle nicely between them, in a way that helps them maintain all their resources at hand reach and gain more and more resources. Even a poor and inadequate Capricorns show this ability / quality as their lives getting more and more restricting for them.
When Capricorns feel wealthy they like to match with partners who have qualities as a Leo, Taurus, Libra, and sometimes Cancer or Aries.
A partner with Leo qualities is a confident and proud partner, someone who knows their worth and needs recognition for what and who they are. A partner with Taurus qualities is a stable and reliable partner that likes to maintain and preserve what they have and what and who they are. A Taurus partner is a partner of loyalty – not only to their spouse but to their personality, tradition, past and also dreams and fears as well. A partner with Cancer qualities is somewhat the same, only a Cancer partner is also dramatic and moody sometimes, and likes to rely on Capricorns, take care of them and share their private and fantasy worlds. Cancers as Capricorns are aware of who they are and what they have, therefore in astrology this combination considers to be on the positive side. Aries people are great achievers and like being admired and looked upon, therefore are suitable partners for Capricorns who feel capable.

Inadequate Capricorns or Capricorns who are lacking luck or in a somewhat low in wealth period would match with partners who have qualities as a Pisces, Cancer, Virgo, and people they can use no matter their sun or other influential signs on their map (for example, people who socially have higher position then theirs, or are richer).

A partner with Pisces qualities is a giving and self effacing partner that would give themselves to Capricorns for the sake of “Togetherness”. A Cancer partner can be somewhat the same. A Virgo tend to be devoted and in the service of the Capricorn, too.

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