Are you an astrology enthusiast? expert astrologer? want to learn about yourself?

Here you can find answers and true knowledge!Beit_alfa01

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Expert astrologers and people who wish to practice Astrology:

You may find my Planets page very useful for understanding the different planets and their qualities;

Also the Signs and Houses page, for practicing the ideas and qualities each house and sign represents;

And finally, my Sun, Moon and AC page, to refresh and obtain knowledge about those three important astrological points and their manifestations in the different various signs.

As for my other visitors – those who find astrology interesting, even fascinating, and who wish to understand this mysterious old knowledge:

Try starting here with one of my Astrology Articles  that explain some aspects in astrology you have probably heard of, most likely while trying to figure your own chart.

There is also the option of getting my Astrology Reading: it is not free but if you’re being troubled, concerned, worried or just curious, you might want to get some astrology support in making your decisions or gaining knowledge about yourself.

I wrote these pages in moments of great concentration with the purpose of creating a tool for myself to help me interpret charts with the highest accuracy possible and I’m sure other astrologers and astrology fans may find it useful, too. So for you, my readers, I present in the categories above some potent astrology tools for refining your astrological abilities.

Kabalic tools for Astrology are a different category from which you can gain some knowledge into Kabbalah and astrology, or kabalic understanding and interpretation of the world: For example, learning about the different Hebrew letters representing the 12 signs or reading about the meaning of the signs according to the 12 Jewish month and its holidays.


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Astrology and Kabbalah, accordingly.

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