true and mean node head and tail of the dragon

While other astrologers are trying to explain / justify their United States recent election results predictions (I gave up trying after Failing so hard last time, 4 years ago), I was having a revelation today.

It had nothing to do with neither Trump nor Biden, but with the nodes.

True and mean nodes or head and tail of the dragon.

They are known to carry some carmatic value to each astrology chart, telling us about both lessons we learn, represented by the head of the dragon or the true node – and lessons we have already learned or knowledge (intellectual, practical, sensual, spiritual, societal knowledge atc) we already gained (most astrologers explains that gaining with reincarnation theories which I find too hippy and vague) and known reactions and energy we are familiar with, usually being used and worked with in childhood – vs the knew, yet unknown areas of life, experiences, vibes we have been either preventing ourselves from intentionally or just have never met. Things we tend to feel usually very uncomfortable with but meet again and again in life, just like our current lesson in this life time, represented by the mean node or the tail of the dragon.

counter intuitively, we know when born or from an early age first the tail and with life we are moving towards the head of the dragon. we are, metaphorically, probably not sliding down but climbing up the dragon.

so far what i have learned about the nodes.

Now, the new insight was that they are actually telling you what keeps you alive, what makes you survive. first, what is the theme of survival in your life. what axis it activates generally. to an Astrologer it can tell a lot about the survivalist story of the person, and must be examined first with every question about Karma. Then what next you can learn from the axes is what is motivating you, like gas to a car, in your life and especially learn the tension between what might be your comfort zone (if you are older then 20-25), represented by your mean node , the tail – and what one might experience as an ongoing attacks from the outside world – as long as they don’t understand and start working with their lesson.


They like to talk about Saturn being the lesson teacher, the great tutor, right?

so why the nodes? are they, too?

its a different king of lessons, or struggles. the nodes’ one is a more spiritual one and would probably be felt in everyday life and experienced as the thread of life, if at all, by very sensitive souls.

the Saturn one is the one of you against reality: trying make a living, meeting systems, struggling with parents, struggling over independency, atc.

so, I believe that the earlier you accept and adopt and embrace the energy of your true node (head), the better life you will get to have.

(do not be afrais if you afe focusing on being positive through embracing your head of dragon while hearing all of a sudden the call of the tail.

according to your tail’s position and its orbs to planets you can tell how it is going to call you: if its gonna whisper like a lover or whisper in a voice that takes the earth under your feet…. or any other way 🙂

Anyways, it is going to call. and we are all going to