Chiron – what is wrong with me?

Chiron’s location on Natal Chart indicates an area on your life in which you CONSTANTLY BELIEVE SOMETHING IS WRONG. Usually our believes lead to action (depends on relationships with othe aspects on the chart) and we can find ourselves manifesting Chiron in our life and behaviours.

for example, Chiron on the 7th house indicates you allways doubt your relationships, especially the romantic ones, it doesn’t mean a person who changes and shifts from one partner to another, rather it tells how this person feels about their relationahips. this position of Chiron may come with lots of constent douby about the relationships these people are involved in. lots of questions about, is this relationship good for me? some fear of intimacy or past problems with intimacy.

Chiron on the 8th house indicates the same doubts and questioning and feeling that something is wrong, only in the area of life that relates to intimacy and sex.

these people might grow up feeling something is “wrong” with them sexually. they may come to try different “kinks” or later in life become sexual hermits – people who avoid sex or tend to have very little of it.

Chiron on the 12th house may raise a constant doubt about connection with this worlsd, therefore might be asociated with some level of depression.

other positions of Chiron:

on the 6th – what is wrong with my health (might be a hypochondriac)

on the 5th – what is wrong with my kids, pets – might be a person who worries a lot about their kids and pets

on the 4th house – what’s wrong with my mother or childhood – may indicate a feeling of an unresolved trauma in childhood or some unexplained pain from the mother

on the 3rd – what’s wrong with my brothers and sisters, or whats wrong with my thinking and the way I comunicate myself

on the 2nd – what’s wrong with my talents, my property – a constent doubt regarding what a person can or can not do, achieve, keep.

on the 1st – what’s wrong with who I am – a person who feels that something is wrong with them, their’e choices in life where wrong (from their perspective) and they did many wrong things (from their point of view).



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