The 5 kinds of Astrology charts

Generally, there are five main kinds of Charts an astrologer can draw and analyze. All these charts are personal charts, being drawn with the place, date and time of birth of a specific person. The main five Astrology charts are called: Synastry, Composition, Solar and Lunar Return, Natal Chart and Transits Chart.


An experienced Astrologer would usually combine few charts, or few readings, to answer a specific concern. For example, if a person wants to know about their love life in the next year, the astrologer would usually combine a Natal Chart with transits and Solar Return Chart in the Astrology Reading. In case there is a specific romantic candidate, a Synastry and Composite charts can be drawn, too.

Every Astrologer uses their own way of reading the Astrology personal Chart they are making. Some use Western Astrology methods and tools, some use Vedic Astrology (eastern Indian old method) and some use Kabbalistic Astrology tools and interpretations. The way a specific Astrologer choose to interpret the Astrology Chart doesn’t change the chart itself: same planets, houses and signs are used in all Astrology methods, except in the Chinese astrology.

Here I would like to say a few words about the most popular and powerful kinds of Astrology Charts: the Synastry, the Composition, the Solar Return, the Natal Chart and the Transits Chart.

Note: All charts require exact time, date and place of birth.

Natal Chart

The basic Chart, showing a picture of the stars and signs in the sky on the exact time you were born, as seen from the exact place you were born. This chart is the basis for all other charts and without it Astrology reading can’t be accurate. It tells the persons personal planets positions, shown their dominant houses and tells one’s rising sign, which leads usually to find the Chart’s ruler.


a Transits Chart, and Transits Reading, tells what is going on in one’s life in current days, while current can mean day-by-day, if chacking the moon transits – or it can show a period of few years, if checking Pluto or Neptune transit on the Natal Chart.

Solar and Lunar Return

the Solar Return Chart is used to predict what is going to happen within the next year from your birthday. Astrology fans draw this chart in the few days before or after their birthday, every year, to see how the year ahead is going to look like. This kind of Chart usually tells, in combination with Transits Chart, if one is going to have new love this year, start a new job, get pregnant, and so on.

Lunar Return Chart is used when there is a dominant Moon in one’s Natal Chart.


The Astrology Chart we call Synastry is actually a chart combined from 2 personal Natal Charts. Putting these 2 charts in an overlapping way shows the aspects in which the two people meet: what is it in each of them that makes the other tick, what atracts them to each other, how they affect each other, how they help each other grow or the other way around, how they hold each other back. A synastry chart is usually very accurate when knowing both persons time and place of birth, in addition to the date of birth (year, month and day of the month). A synastry couple chart can function as the relationship road map and it reveals the dynamics, the psychology, the atraction and the friction of the relationship between two people. This Chart is usually drawn for couples to show their romantic relationship but other relationships and partnerships can benefit from such reading: parents and children relationship, sisters and brothers relationships, boss and employee partnerships, atc.


Composition chart is the Astrology chart that reveals more about the essence of a relationship or partnership. It shows something like what this thing is all about and what are we here for. It is considered a more spiritual astrological drawing of the relationship, while synastry would be the kind of chart showing more of the psychological aspects of the relationship. In some ways, it shows the third entity being created when two people meet and interact: the relationship itself.

In addition to these charts, Astrology uses drawings and transitions to the natal chart in other cases and occasions:

Relocation Chart – when one is moving away from their birth place;

Event Chart – when there is a special event – then, the astrologer can create an event chart and read it in the light of the natal chart;

Horary Chart – when there is an inportant question that needs to be answered by the universe;

sometimes, when a name is being changed.

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6 thoughts on “The 5 kinds of Astrology charts”

  1. Hi, I don’t really understand your question. astrology has its own rules and it does not change it by one or another’s personal chart. Also I suggest you wouldn’t be so judgmental toward a chart. Each chart like each person has their beauty.

  2. I logged on to this sight to try to educate myself about different charts in which I had no idea, I am completely open minded to this new way for me, so I really don’t. understand your judgment comment

    1. I am sorry I guess I was misreading or something…. I am very happy for every new Astrology enthusiast or professional that come here to learn and develop their knowledge

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