finding (natal) chart rulers or ruling planets

working with Astrology and with natal charts takes some basic do’s and dont’s.

at the Dos section we can find the first step when approaching every natal chart: identifying its ruler or ruling planet.

Deciding which of the plants is/are the most dominant or influential in a person’s (or event’s, relationship’s, atc.) chart is sometimes easy, sometimes not so much. Often a hint would be found by the AC or rising sign. sending us to its ruler (ruling planet) and ruler’s location on the natal (or other) chart.

If this is it we may find some enforcement to the planet’s theme/s with other dominant positions on the natal chart. For example an Aquarius horizon with Uranus as its ruler or ruling planet is common to have other dominant Aquarius “stamps” on it (aquarius moon or sun) and/or dominant 11th house.

Dont’s: vice verse doesn’t always work. If you see a stelium, for example, on 11th house it doesn’t indicate Uranus as the chart’s ruler or ruling planet.

Ruler / ruling planet is very important when doing readings to people and events or when making personal forecasts. it is crucial when working with transits.

Make sure to see the bigger picture, too: sometimes it is not just one but 2 different rulers for a chart: for example, the above Aquarius rising chart is ruled by not only Uranus but also Saturn: both are the traditional rulers of Aquarius, therefore both should be checked closely when checking transits – for an event, for a person, atc.

As for rulers location on natal or other chart and also how it affects the chart reading and interpretation – on the second part of this article.

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