To understand Chiron in a chart try to combine the following qualities with the interpretation of its placement by house and sign:

learning how to use-, recovering, correction, instinct, measure, sense, sensitivity, survival, timing, improvement, maximizing, talent, learning, vulnerability, insecurity, inferiority, wound, hurt, pain, scar, distinction, key, development, growing, lessons, study, paradox, not too much and not too little, the right amount, have learned himself and can teach/instruct others, investment, endless efforts, impotension, availability, being concerned, here and now, improvisation, proportionality, sense of scale

type: servant, mentor, tutor, teacher, coach, staff person, author, editor, comedian

כדי להבין את חלקו של כירון במפה יש לשלב את המאפיינים הבאים עם מאפייני הבית והמזל בהם נמצא כירון:

ללמוד להשתמש ב…, החלמה, תיקון, אינסטינקט, חוש מידה, חוש, מידה, שיפור, שכלול, כישרון, למידה, פגיעות, הישרדות, חוסר ביטחון, רגשי נחיתות, פצע, פגיעה, הכלה, יכולת אבחנה, מפתח, התפתחות, צמיחה, שיעורים, למידה, פרדוקס, מידתיות, למד ויכול ללמד, השקעה אינסופית, אימפוטנציה, רגישות, הקשבה, כאן ועכשיו, אלתור

טיפוסים: משרת, מורה רוחני, מנטור, קואצ’ר, מורה, מדריך, איש שירות, סופר, עורכת, סטנדאפיסט

What Aspects in the Natal Chart are favorable for studying Astrology


well this is my new blog. I’m very much into astrology since my late childhood but for the last 2 years I’ve been taking it much more seriously and started learning and practicing astrology.

Astrology is all about discovering and learning.

In the natal chart, some of the more favorable aspects for astrology are these (I have all of them):

Some intellectual planets in the 8th house (Uranus is the most favorable, Mercury is good too);

Moon in Aquarius;

Virgo or Chiron qualities and emphasis (Aspects).

All these aspects are good for every kind of learning, inquiring and investigating, but specifically to Astrology – and specifically the combination of the three.

Why is that?

Traditionally, Uranian (Uranus-related) and Aquarian (Aquarius-related) aspects are linked with Astrology, because of the vast and also deep grasp of Uranus and it’s useful detachment. Also the “flashes” of knowledge related to Aquarius-Uranus are actually this deep, vast, detached comprehension: the ability to see something from afar, to see it thoroughly and to be fully aware of other aspects as well (unlike Virgo or Chiron-like aspects, that limits the preciseness to small details without seeing the big picture).

The Chiron-Virgo aspects contribute to the preciseness needed in studying astrology.  Here I have an interesting example: many Pisces, for instance, are keen to Astrology. Most of them love the intuition needed for understanding astrology and the spiritual practice itself. But few of them actually stick to it for the long run. The reason is the Pisces-Virgo axis: while Pisces are being impressed and “feel” things around then (people, ideas, moods, theories) – Virgo “learns”: methodically, systematically and thoroughly. It doesn’t mean Virgos know more then Pisces do – it only means they know it more skillfully. so all you Pisceans, don’t give up – just stick to it even when it appears full of details and almost no “gut feelings” at all.

And about the 8th house – it’s the investigation house, the one that shows were one tends to deepen their interest, curiosity and also some of their libidinal energy. Not only where but also how. Presence of  “intellectual” planets, such as Mercury and Uranus, emphasis the tendency to do the 8th house work in an intellectual, investigative and analytical way, which contributes to the studying process itself.