student, learning, thinking, memory, speech, coordination, grasp, intuition, reception, childhood, hands, kids, teaching, speaking, interacting, communicating, humor, learning methods, what surrounding is needed for learning,


crisis, totality, transformation, fanaticism, investigation, deep penetration, isolationism, scarcity, caution, influence, being able to be deeply influenced, subconscious, karmatic, a catalyst for crisis or crisis


Idealism, longing, idolization, dissolving, lack of boundaries, sensations, imagination, ideas, empathy, confusion, haze, omnipotention / impotention, fantasies, illusions, unity, group-oriented instincts, identification, identity and lack


mother, nourishment, instincts, protection, feelings, sensations, senses, body, me, relations, others, relationships, inner world, mentality, memory, infancy, childhood, desires (longing, want), empathy, understanding, yearning, longing,

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